Old Winchester Hill Iron Age Hill Fort Hampshire – DJI Phantom Drone Aerial Video, South Downs Way

Old Winchester Hill Iron Age Hill Fort in Hampshire – https://benlovegrove.com

I filmed this on Midsummer’s Day 2014 using a DJI Phantom Vision, the one before the Vision+ so it didn’t have the gimbal that keeps the camera steady.

However, some of the footage is acceptable and when edited together it does give a fair impression of the hill fort and the tumuli within and outside the site.

The best shots are those from a distance when I flew the DJI Phantom right out quite far to get shots of almost the entire hill.

This is a wonderful site and well worth a visit. You’ll find Old Winchester hill east of the village of Exton in the Meon Valley.

Despite its name it is about 11 miles south east of Winchester. There is a small car park on the north side and various footpaths to follow to the summit or around the circumference.

There is an easier path for less abled access all the way to the hill fort. It’s a site rich in flowers and grasses. It’s an SSI and nature reserve managed by Natural England.

The South Downs Way passes around it on its southern side, though I expect most would want to ascend to the summit to enjoy the views. The Monarch’s Way also crosses this chalk hill.

And what a view it is! I arrived early on Midsummer’s Day when there was no one around. There were wonderful views to the south coast and a huge bowl of blue sky above.

The barrows or tumuli inside the hill fort date back to the Bronze Age, so they are about 5,500-6,500 years old. The hill fort is from the Iron Age so that was added much later, about 2,000-2,500 years ago.

Unfortunately, the British Army used the hill as a mortar testing range in World War II so there are still some fenced off areas that may contain unexploded ordnance.

As you stand on this hill you are looking at 8,000 years of human history, from the early Bronze age, the Iron Age, the Medieval period, and right up to the present day.

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