What Your Linkedin Profile Picture Says About You

What your LinkedIn profile picture says about you

LinkedIn is a thousand things to a thousand different people.  Perhaps you’ve completed your profile and use it for brief and infrequent messages to former colleagues, or maybe you’re a heavy user preferring it to all the alternatives.  Whatever it does for you there’s no denying that first impressions count, so here’s a few tongue…

Should We Use Social Media? Is It Right For Our Business?

Should we use Social Media? Is it right for our business?

The majority of new aviation businesses will at some point consider what presence they need to have online.  They will start with a website and then ask themselves the question should we use social media? Is it right for our business? The answer to this question will depend on several things.  There are plenty of aviation businesses…

6 Best Restaurants In Barbados That You Have To Visit

6 Best Restaurants in Barbados that you have to visit

Barbados is a wonderful island that is ideal for holidays of all types.  If you’re planning a visit then you are probably wondering where to eat and there’s no shortage of choice.  With that in mind here is my choice of the 6 best restaurants in Barbados. Obviously tastes and budgets will vary and you’ll…

Retail Arbitrage Uk – Buying Low And Selling High

Retail Arbitrage UK – Buying Low and Selling High

The process of buying low and selling high dates back into ancient history.  It’s as old as human civilisation itself.  Merchandising and trade are one of life’s constants and the only things that change are the products and the tools.  However, retail arbitrage is something relatively new and its existence is due to the technology…

Using Social Media To Promote Aerial Photography

Using Social Media to Promote Aerial Photography

Since the beginning of the current wave of interest and innovation in commercial drones and unmanned aviation people have been using social media to promote aerial photography.  It has always been the obvious way to show off your latest still images and video clips of a view that was previously denied to most of us….

Welcome To Brexit Britain. It’S Up To All Of Us Now

Welcome to Brexit Britain. It’s up to all of us now

Welcome to Brexit Britain.  I’m one of the 17.4 million people in the UK who voted to leave the EU. According to many this means I am likely to be an ageing little Englander, a racist xenophobe, and a short sighted ill-informed idiot who has been duped by a campaign run by clowns. It seems I’m also…

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management

There are all kinds of tools designed to support the task of managing multiple social media accounts.  I have tested several but my favourite by far is Hootsuite.  The Hootsuite social media marketing management dashboard is feature rich, well supported, and includes some free introductory training. The Hootsuite dashboard scales according to your needs.  If you…

Is The New Age Old Hat?  Maybe Metaphysics Is Mainstream Now

Is the New Age Old Hat? Maybe metaphysics is mainstream now

Is the New Age Old Hat?  Maybe metaphysics is mainstream now.  So many subjects that used to be considered quirky or downright weird are now given open tolerance and promotion. Four decades ago, before Amazon or Waterstones, the only way to buy any books on esoteric subjects was to visit an independent bookstore, a wholefood…

Profitsourcery Tips For Making A Profit Selling On Amazon

ProfitSourcery Tips For Making a Profit Selling on Amazon

Here are my ProfitSourcery tips for beginners and intermediate users. It’s a great tool that has provides fresh ideas every day of the week. The support from the ProfitSourcery team has been excellent and they continue to improve the service based on the feedback they receive, so do talk to them using the chat feature…

Why Passing The Ccna Exam Will Boost Your Earnings

Why Passing The CCNA Exam Will Boost Your Earnings

[amazon_link asins=’1587054701′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bensbookmar’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9a0b0740-e1ab-11e6-a5b2-c19d88c56345′]I began my career in IT during the early 1990s.  After a few years working on mainframe computers it soon became apparent that products from a company called Cisco Systems would soon become commonplace in the world of computer networking so passing the CCNA exam became my goal and it…

Why You Should Learn To Fly (And Start Today)

Why You Should Learn To Fly (And Start Today)

In July 2015 the aerospace giant Boeing predicted that the world would need 558,000 new pilots during the next twenty years.  If this forecast for half a million pilots jobs were correct at the time (and they should know, being Boeing) then there has never been a better time to learn to fly.  If you…

How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Making Money Online

How To Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money Online

Do you aspire to be wealthy?  Would you like to make more money, even just a little bit more?  What’s preventing you from doing so?  There are many reasons why you have not reached your goals or realised your ambitions, but I wouldn’t mind betting that those reasons include some I have listed below because…

Wind Turbines And Dead Whales. Nuclear Energy And Solar Panels.

Wind Turbines and Dead Whales. Nuclear Energy and Solar Panels.

After a third explosion at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant  in Japan, the pro nuclear power lobby must be watching their case ebb away in silence.  The situation is changing day by day but already confidence in the nuclear industry has been rocked to the core. However, before those who oppose any form of nuclear…

Ufos, Ufology, The Disclosure Project, The History Of Ufos

UFOs, Ufology, The Disclosure Project, The History of UFOs

Ufology, the study of the history of UFOs and UFO sightings, is decades old, and years ago, before digital cameras, mobile phones, the Web, and camcorders, there weren’t many ways in which to capture stills and video of UFOs and it was a lot more slow and difficult to share any evidence or fresh information….