Is disclosure imminent

Strong rumours are circulating that some big news is about to break in the form of any article in the New York Times. Once again the question is being asked, Is UFO disclosure imminent? That is to say is the US government about to admit that they are aware ofContinue Reading

Tic Tac UFOs: Nimitz 2004, Roosevelt 2015

The Tic Tac UFOs have been seen by multiple credible military witnesses, corroborated with IR video, radar, and sonar. F/A-18 pilots from the USS Nimitz in 2004 on exercises in the Pacific to the west of San Diego F/A-18 pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2015 in the AtlanticContinue Reading

To paraphrase Douglas Murray in the opening pages of his book how can you be against or indifferent towards social justice? That would mean your for social injustice, surely? How can you dare to question #BlackLivesMatter? Don’t you care about the lives of black people? Murray aptly describes the minefieldsContinue Reading