Britain has completed its first week in lock down (is it lock down or lockdown?) A week ago the estimate for the peak in the infection rate and date toll was April 5th, then it was April 17th, and now it’s probably later but there’s no certainty. We’ve grown usedContinue Reading

Over 750,000 people in the UK have volunteered to help the NHS, three times the original target. Yesterday there were another 206 deaths in the UK. The talk this morning is the response to the briefing giving by the deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries in which she said itContinue Reading

Yesterday’s death toll was the worst single day yet – 260, so the total for the UK has now exceeded 1,000 deaths. It’s rising as predicted though of course only a fraction of the 10,000+ in Italy and nearly 6,000 in Spain. The suggested date for the peak has movedContinue Reading

Mercifully, the sun is still shining this morning on the first Saturday of lockdown, but the news remains grim. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has tested positive for the virus, as has the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) Chris Whitty. The PM is now inContinue Reading

planet earth

Hello Fellow Human Beings I am sending this to you today to enlist your help. We find ourselves in uncharted waters, and it’s time for everyone to come together, and work as one. All childish things need to be put away, including ego’s. There is a lot of “work” toContinue Reading

Tuesday’s request for volunteers to help the NHS has generated such a huge response that the original goal of 250,000 has been trebled to 750,000 in light of the fact that over 660,000 people have signed up to the scheme. Yesterday evening at 8pm millions stood on their doorsteps andContinue Reading

Origins of the virus:  While there are an abundance of conspiracy theories that suggest, we could have predicted a global pandemic such as Covid-19. There is also scientific evidence for such a view.  With a paper published in 2007 that described the combination of consumption of horseshoe bats in SouthernContinue Reading