After the variations in the total number of deaths during the past few days there’s talk of the peak being passed but there’s no sign yet of any confidence in relaxing the lockdown. Far from it, they are now worried about a second wave of infections if they even hintContinue Reading

PPE continues to dominate the headlines. It’s been discovered that millions of pieces are being shipped abroad by firms frustrated at the lack of response from the government when they’ve offered to supply the NHS. So we find ourselves in the insane situation where PPE is being flown and truckedContinue Reading

Lockdown began four weeks ago and although the end is beind discussed there is still nothing certain about when we’ll be out of these constraints, apart from the fact that it will be a staged relaxation of the rules. Yesterday’s death toll was much lower than in previous days butContinue Reading

Boris is back, or starting to participate again at least. He’s still in Chequers but participating in meetings and making decisions. Yesterday‘s total dead was 888 not including care homes. PPE continues to dominate in the headlines. The lack of PPE for frontline staff in the NHS is single biggestContinue Reading

The recounting has begun. It could be 7,500 dead in care homes, so the headlines say this morning. Meanwhile, China has revised its original estimate and increased the total dead by 50% but if you believe that you’ll believe anything. It could be ten times that many and we wouldn’tContinue Reading

The weather has changed drastically and the past three weeks of warm, almost summer-like weather have been replaced by grey clouds and rain, here on the south coast of England. Perhaps it’s just me or it’s the headlines, but the public mood has darkened too. The announcement by the governmentContinue Reading