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The Rise of Private Jet Apps: Putting Uber For Flying On Your Phone

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A growing list of private jet apps is making it easier for anyone to book a seat on a semi private flight, an empty leg flight, or charter an entire aircraft.  These apps will enable you to book a private flight on all kinds of aircraft types; jets, turboprops, helicopters, light aircraft, and seaplanes.  

I have covered the subjects of semi private flights and empty leg flights in other posts.  In this article we’ll look specifically at the apps that make the booking process simple and the geographic areas that each app is designed to cover. 

Why Choose a Private Jet Over Commercial Airlines?

One of the most appealing features of private flights is the difference it makes at the beginning and the end of the flight.  

Generally speaking, passengers who book seats on private flights will park somewhere close to the FBO’s (fixed base operator) terminal at the airport.  The airport itself may be a smaller regional airport which is more easily accessible and doesn’t have the frantic activity of larger airports.

Private Jet Apps - Ready For Boarding

They will walk straight into a reception area and lounge where they will wait in peace and comfort for the personal invitation to board the aircraft. If they prefer, they can delay arrival at the FBO until less than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Your luggage will be loaded without passing through a complex luggage processing system.

Once aboard the aircraft, there will be few people with you, perhaps none at all.  The aircraft cabin will be comfortable and quiet. On arrival at your destination, you’ll be able to exit the airfield using the speedy processes managed by the FBO at that location. 

Contrast this with the experience of a flight on a regular airline.  Even if you’re a business or first class passenger, there will always be the check-in and security lines, albeit fast tracked.  You then have to make your way to a gate which might be as much as 10 or 15 minutes walk away from the departure hall. 

Once aboard you’ll be at the mercy of all the delays that may be experienced due to circumstances beyond your control. On arrival at the destination airport you’ll have to pass through the various routes and corridors to baggage claim before you finally arrive at the exit.  

This is why more and more people are choosing to spend a little extra on private flights.  It’s not just that it’s a specialized service for people who know that time is precious.

Ready for takeoff?

Efficient and luxurious travel during which your wants and needs are parmount.

Booking a Private Jet: How Does It Work?

Booking a private jet is a straightforward process. Platforms allow users to browse through available flights, select their preferred aircraft, and book on the go. Some also offer the option to bid on flights, ensuring competitive prices. Whether you’re flying, for business or pleasures, from New York to South Florida, or jet-setting to Ibiza, you should be able to secure a seat with the minimum of fuss.

Private Plane vs. Charter: What’s the Difference?

Air charter services provide flexibility and a range of options. While both private planes and charters offer the luxury of private aviation, there are subtle differences. Owning a private plane means having an aircraft at your disposal at any time you may need it.  For the ultra wealthy or busy (or both), this might be the sensible option, but the larger the aircraft the greater the cost to have both crew and plane on standby. 

Chartering is a far more cost effective option and, private jet apps allows flyers to tap and book.

The Allure of Membership Programs in Private Aviation

Membership programs in private aviation offer exclusive benefits to members. From discounted rates to priority bookings, members get unparalleled advantages. Platforms like XO have specialised membership programs, with perks like access to exclusive events and personalised services.

What Makes Charter Service Stand Out?

Charter services offer the luxury of private jet travel without the commitment of ownership. With platforms like JetApp, users can book private or shared flights, ensuring flexibility and affordability. Charter services also offer a range of aircraft, from the King Air 350i to the Citation X, catering to varied needs.

Save hours of time.

Ensure your time and money is well spent by comparing over 250 jet card programs with one tool.

The Future of Private Jet Travel: What to Expect

The future of private jet travel looks promising. With the rise of platforms like XO and JetApp, private aviation is becoming more accessible. As technology advances and more people recognize the value of private jet travel, the industry is set to soar to new heights.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Private Jet Travel

The pandemic has reshaped the world of travel. With concerns about safety and hygiene, many travellers are turning to private jets. Private aviation offers a controlled environment, ensuring safety and peace of mind. 

Air Charter & Private Jet Apps. Is there an Uber for Private Jets?

Private Jet Finder

Air Charter Service (ACS)

  • Description: Air Charter Service (ACS) is a global leader in private jet, group, and cargo charter services. They have access to over 50,000 aircraft, ensuring a vast selection for customers.
  • Area of Operation: Global
  • Visit: Air Charter Service


  • Description: Airble is an emerging platform in the private jet charter space.
  • Areas of Operation: It operates primarily in Canada, offering a range of private and shared flight options.
  • Visit: Airble


  • Description: BLADE is known for short flights and offers a unique flying experience.
  • Areas of Operation: Specific routes, including popular ones like New York to South Florida
  • Visit: BLADE


  • Description: Farnborough based air charter services, from VLJs to global jets.
  • Areas of Operation: Global
  • Visit: Bookajet


  • Description: Flapper is a leading private aviation platform in Latin America. It offers on-demand charter flights, shared flights, and shuttle services, providing users with a seamless booking experience.
  • Area of Operation: Primarily Latin America
  • Visit: Website


  • Description: Flewber is a digital air charter marketplace aiming to make private air travel more accessible.
  • It primarily focuses on the U.S. market, especially the Northeast region.
  • Visit: Flewber


  • Description: Formerly known as Jet Token, Jet.AI has launched a charter booking app and a selection of jet cards.
  • Areas of Operation: Not specified, but based in Las Vegas
  • Visit: Jet.AI


  • Description: JetApp offers a wide range of private and shared flights for users.
  • It primarily serves European destinations but also provides options for international travel.
  • Visit: JetApp


  • Description: JetASAP is a unique platform where users can directly connect with charter operators to get quotes. It operates mainly in the U.S. but has connections with operators for international flights.
  • Areas of Operation: Mainly U.S. with international connections
  • Visit: JetASAP
Private Jet Card Comparison


  • Jettly is a private jet charter platform that connects travelers with a network of pre-screened and safety-checked operators. They offer a transparent pricing model without any hidden fees, ensuring a straightforward booking process.
  • Area of Operation: Global
  • Visit: Website


  • Description: JSX operates a fleet of Embraer E135 and E145 jets, providing a semi-private flying experience.
  • Areas of Operation: Specific routes in the U.S.
  • Visit: JSX


  • Description: LunaJets is a leading European private jet charter broker. They offer on-demand charter flights at the best market prices and also provide empty leg deals. LunaJets primarily operates within Europe but also offers international flights. 
  • Areas of Operation: Primarily Europe with international options
  • Visit: LunaJets


  • Description: Luxaviation offers a mobile app for private jet charter, allowing users to explore and book charter flights directly from their mobile phones.
  • Areas of Operation: Not specified
  • Visit: Luxaviation


  • Description: NetJets is one of the pioneers in private jet travel, offering fractional ownership and jet card programs.
  • Areas of Operation: It operates globally, with a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia. 
  • Visit: NetJets

Opes Jet

  • Opes Jet is a unique private jet charter platform that operates on a reverse auction marketplace model. This means operators compete with each other to offer the best rates for customers’ flight requirements. With full transparency and no hidden fees, Opes Jet aims to revolutionize the private jet industry.
  • Area of Operation: Global
  • Visit: Website


  • Description: PrivateFly is a global booking platform for private jet charters. It offers instant access to a global fleet of certified aircraft and allows users to compare live pricing and availability. The platform operates worldwide, providing services in North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. 
  • Areas of Operation: Worldwide
  • Visit: PrivateFly

Sentient Jet

  • Description: Sentient Jet provides jet card programs for frequent flyers.
  • Areas of Operation: It primarily operates within North America, offering both short and long-range flight options.
  • Visit: Sentient Jet

Stratos Jet Charters

  • Description: Stratos Jet Charters is known for its diverse aircraft selection.
  • Areas of Operation: Not specified
  • Visit: Stratos Jet Charters


  • Description: UberJets provides on-demand private jet charter services. (Note: it is not affiliate in any way with Uber taxis etc).
  • Areas of Operation: While it has a strong presence in the U.S., it also offers services for international destinations.
  • Visit: UberJets

Victor Private Jet

  • Victor is an on-demand private jet charter platform that allows users to compare hundreds of private jet charter prices. With a focus on transparency, Victor ensures that customers get the best available rates directly from operators without any hidden costs.
  • Area of Operation: Primarily UK and Europe
  • Visit: Website


  • Description: Vidajets has a large portfolio of charter options that can create a bespoke itinerary tailored to its clients many requirements.
  • Areas of Operation: Global
  • Visit: Vidajets

Villiers Jets

  • Description: Villiers Jets provides passengers access to a vast network of private aircraft globally with real-time quotes and direct operator pricing.
  • Areas of Operation: Worldwide
  • Visit: Villiers Jets
Villiers Jets


  • Description: VistaJet is recognized for long-distance travel and offers a range of private jet services.
  • Areas of Operation: Worldwide
  • Visit: VistaJet

Wheels Up

  • Wheels Up offers a membership-based service, providing access to private planes, commercial flight benefits, and more.
  • Areas of Operation: It mainly operates in the U.S. but has partnerships for international travel.
  • Visit: Wheels Up


  • Description: XO, backed by Vista Global, offers both membership programs and on-demand charter services.
  • Areas of Operation: It has a global reach, serving destinations in North America, Europe, Asia, and more.
  • Visit: XO
Private Jet Apps Air Charter 9

In Conclusion:

  • Private jet travel offers luxury, convenience, and efficiency.
  • Platforms like XO and JetApp have revolutionised the booking process.
  • Membership programs offer exclusive perks to members.
  • Charter services provide flexibility and a range of flight options.
  • The future of private jet travel looks promising, with technology playing a pivotal role.

Private jet travel, once deemed a luxury reserved for the elite, is now accessible to many. With platforms like XO and JetApp, flying private is just a tap away. Whether you’re a business professional or a leisure traveller, private aviation promises an experience like no other.

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