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Private Pilot Course. Aviation Careers

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If you’re looking for a private pilot course to help with your studies then there are several available but this new course is about the inspiration and the motivation to learn to fly and to keep flying once you’re qualified. It’s also about the opportunities available to you in terms of aviation careers and the future of the airline industry in the post-2020 world.

Here is my private pilot course. It’s entitled “Learn To Fly. Private Pilot Licence. Aviation Careers.”

I have compiled this course using a combination of re-recorded YouTube material from a few years ago, updated and edited, and new material written specifically for the course.

If I were in your shoes and about to pay money for a course I would want to know what experience the instructor had to give such a course so here is a brief history of my association with aviation.

My first flight experience was in the 1960s when I had a ride in a Bell 407-D that my father had hired to spray fertiliser on some trees he had planted in North Wales.

It was nearly 20 years before I flew again.  Having been given the book Illusions by the aviator and author Richard Bach and I sought out more of his work.  I avidly read his earlier work; Gift of Wings, Biplane, Stranger to the Ground, and Nothing by Chance.

Private Pilot Course

My Private Pilot Course

Inspired by these books and with a desire to do something exciting and adventurous in my otherwise dull life I arrived at Southampton airport (in Hampshire, England) for a trial flight in 1984.  My first solo was on the 4th July 1985.  The following year I did a static line parachute jump to raise money for charity.  

Although I was instantly hooked it took seven long years before I finally gained a PPL, a Private Pilots Licence.  It’s easily possible to gain a licence in seven months and if you’re really dedicated and, weather permitting, you can do it in seven weeks. 

I started my training in Grumman AA5-A Cheetahs and completed in a Cessna 150.  I have also logged time in the following aircraft types: Pitts S2A, Piper PA28 and Cub, Cessna 150/152/172, Harvard T6G and IIB, Extra 300, de Havilland Tiger Moth DH82, Scottish Aviation Bulldog, and an MT-03 autogyro.  I’ve also had a ride in a Magni M-16 gyrocopter but unfortunately that was not logged.

I own and run and, and I’m the administrator for the Facebook Groups Student Pilot Community and Private Pilot’s Licence – PPL And Beyond.

I’m also a volunteer director for the Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group based at Solent Airport (EGHF) in Hampshire, England.  

In 2013 I started flying drones and later gained the requisite UK certification for flying them commercial and for a while I had an aerial photography business before selling it.  I have another course on Udemy called “How to start and run a successful drone business”.

I make videos that promote aviation and have helped several aviation businesses to market themselves – see

I continue to be inspired by my uncle who was in the Fleet Air Arm and flew all kinds of aircraft from the piston aircraft of the 1940s to the jets of the 1950s and 60s.  He was still flying a Cessna 150 at the age of 90.  He was the last pilot to fly the Corsair KD431 from a carrier deck to land.  The aircraft is now on display in the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton, Somerset.

Also, my late father-in-law who joined the RAF as a fitter in the 1930s and served in Iraq, England, and Germany. Having started a career working on Westland Wapitis he retired many years later with the rank of Squadron Leader.

I am by no means an aviator of vast experience, far from it, which is why I haven’t included the technical side of flying but I have a lifelong love of aviation and hope to inspire you to start flying, to motivate you to keep going, and to show you how to avoid some the mistakes I made and therefore how to save yourself time and money in the process.

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