20 Minute R22 Helicopter Flying Lesson Kent


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Helicopter Experience Days: Learn to fly a Helicopter in Kent! If you’ve ever dreamed getting in the cockpit and flying a helicopter, or you’re looking for an unforgettable experience gift for a loved one who has, then try this incredible 20 minute trial helicopter flying lesson in Kent! At this superb Kent flying school you’ll learn, from a highly experienced and fully qualified helicopter pilot instructor, to fly the most popular training helicopter in the world, the Robinson R22. During this 20 minute helicopter flying lesson, you’ll get the chance to take the controls and actually fly a helicopter yourself – under the watchful eyes of your instructor, of course! Whether you harbour dreams of becoming a certified helicopter pilot, or you just want to experience the incredible thrill of helicopter flight, you’ll learn a great deal during this lesson, and you are guaranteed to have a brilliant flying experience! Your flying lesson starts with a ground-briefing to discuss both safety issues and the basics of helicopter flying. Then you’ll climb aboard the R22 and get ready for your vertical take off! Once your pilot has got you safely into the skies, you will have the opportunity to fly the chopper yourself and experience the pure adrenaline rush of guiding these wonderful machines through the sky, as the Kent countryside passes beneath you! This helicopter flying lesson is a fantastic introduction to the world of helicopter flight; a truly memorable experience for yourself or someone special, these 20 minute helicopter flights will have you sky high!