30 Minute B206 Helicopter Flying Lesson Kent


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Helicopter Experience Days: There are few experiences that can match the awesome feeling of soaring above the ground in a powerful Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter, but wait, it gets better – because YOU will be in charge of the controls! Take to the skies and watch the world sink away on this incredible half-hour helicopter flying lesson in Kent. The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is a mighty five-seat turbine aircraft originally designed for use by the U.S. Army, making this a particularly exciting flying experience. Situated in the picturesque Kent countryside, the lush landscape will stretch for miles around you, looking all the more beautiful from a bird’s eye view. On arrival at the airport you’ll be greeted by an expert pilot, before receiving a thorough safety brief and training on the helicopter controls. As the twin-blades start to whir above you and the control tower gives the all clear, you’ll feel the electric buzz of a vertical take-off, an experience that really has no equal! Once safely in the air, it’s time to take the controls and put theory into practice, gliding smoothly through the sky and admiring the stunning views around you. This epic flying lessons lasts thirty minutes, plenty of time to fully appreciate the incredible experience and learn as much as possible from the knowledgeable pilot. This lesson is the ultimate gift to aviation fanatics or thrill-seekers who love to try new things!