30 Minute Helicopter Flying Lesson Hertfordshire


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Fly a helicopter for 30 incredible minutes with this excellent Hertfordshire helicopter flying lesson. This is an unforgettable experience day – perfect for friends, family and loved ones who like to reach dizzying heights and try daring new things! Of course, if you have always wondered what it feels like to experience the hovering motion and vertical take off you get with helicopter flying, then this is a prefect present to give yourself, too! Your helicopter flying lesson begins with a warm welcome to the friendly flight school. Your pilot instructor will deliver a short technical and safety briefing, before talk to to you in more depth about the intricacies and dynamics of helicopter flight – and how it all works! After this it’s time to jump in the iconic Robinson R22 chopper and enjoy your 30 minute flying lesson, during which you will be both pilot and passenger at different stages. Yes, at points during the flying lesson you will take the controls and actually pilot a helicopter! But don’t forget to appreciate your surroundings, as there will also be plenty of time to sit back, relax, and take in the Hertfordshire countryside as it passes below. After the 30 minute flight, and once your pilot instructor has brought you back down to earth, you will receive a commemorative photo and a certificate of flight – two womderful souvenirs from an already unforgettable day. If you want, on the day you can also purchase a customised flight video of you as you pilot a chopper! You will have time to discuss the flight with your instructor, ask any questions you may have, or even book in for some more helicopter flying lessons, and take some more steps to become a helicopter pilot!