AVIATION: 100 Questions and 100 Answers (explained by pilot)


Top Asked Questions By Passengers Expained in Detail by Airline Pilot! Next time you fly, you will be aware of all!

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COMPLETE AND WELL DOCUMENTED AVIATION QUESTIONS PACK! IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNMYSTERIOUS SIDES OF AVIATIONIn this course you will learn 100 most asked aviation topics below;How does a plane fly?How do airliner engines work?How do airplanes taxi?Can a passenger airplane fly if all engines fail?Can an auto pilot alone land a plane?How do pilots find their way in the empty sky?How does a pilot decides its route?Where is the fuel stored on an aircraft?How does in-flight Wi-Fi work?Can a passenger land a plane?Why do most commercial airplanes fly at around 35000 ftWhat happens when you flush the toilet on an airplane?Can an airliner fly with only one engine stably?Do planes have keys?How do pilots find their ways on ground during taxi ?Can an airliner keep flying if it loses its tail?Do airplane pilots have to use their legs while flying?How does an airplane slow down during approach and landing?Why do airline pilots sometimes dump fuel?What would happen if a plane was overloaded?How does wind direction effect pilots decisions?Why do some planes leave a white trail some not?How much is the minimum safe distance between two planes in-flight?Why do airplanes climb so high even for a very short flight?When the plane takes off, why doesn’t the tail hit the runway?What determines in which direction a runway is used?How do pilots identify the runway during a very foggy weather?At what speed do airliners generally travel?Why don’t airplanes have parachutes for passengers?Can a commercial plane go backwards by itself at the gate?What do all the markings on an airport signify?Why Airplane Windows Have to Be Open During Takeoff and LandingWhy do airplanes appear to fly much slower than they actually do?Do flight attendants and pilots get special visas when they travel ?How do pilots know when to descend?Can main or plane doors be opened during flight?Can a passenger visit a cockpit?Why engines are located under the wings and so far in front of them?Why don’t pilots always use autoland?Can a pilot flight different types of planes?Why are airplane windows rounded?Can lightning cause plane crashes?Which is the safest seat in an airplane?What are the strangest airplane accidents/incidents?How do airlines decide which planes to buy?Do pilots know what every button does?Are pilots allowed to leave the cockpit during a flight?How do pilots know when there will be turbulence?How much fuel does an airliner use on international flights?Can turbulence crash an airplane during flight?Can bird impacts cause plane crashes?How do I differentiate and identify between Boeing and Airbus air crafts?How many pilots are on a plane?Why do we feel pain in our ears on airplanes?Why does the captain of an aircraft usually sit in the left seat?Why aren’t commercial airline pilots allowed to eat the same meals during flights?Are there any differences between Airbus and Boeing’s landing technique?Is it true that cabin crew and pilots get free air tickets for themselves and families?Do airplanes need to rest after each flight?Why do we still use pilots to fly airplanes?Who has the higher authority, the pilot in command or ATC?Why do we use airplane mode in flight?Why do commercial airline pilots walk around their aircraft before take-off?What happens if a jetliner lowers its landing gear at cruising speed?Do flight and cabin crews take naps during really long flights?Why is the seat belt of pilot and passengers are different?Why are there no commercial electric airplanes?What is black box and why is it not black?Are mid-air collisions likely to happen?How much does an aircraft cost?Is it possible to brake the airplane windows in the midair?What was the most incredible landing that a pilot has made?Do airplanes have horns?What does a co-pilot do in a flight, can he/she fly the plane alone?Can a girl be a great pilot?What does it feel like to fly a plane for the first time?Is it hard to become a pilot and do you recommend it?What are the things an airline pilot carry in their flight bag?Can you live anywhere as a pilot?What do airline pilots do on a layover?Is an airline pilot qualified to fly a helicopter?Which is more difficult to fly, a helicopter or an airplane?Do pilots ever sleep in the cockpit of an aircraft?What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an airline pilot?To become a pilot, what qualifications should be met?How much does it cost to be a pilot?Is being an airline pilot dangerous?How do pilots prepare for a flight?Do airline pilots get bored during flight?How many year does it take to become a pilot?How do pilots deal with jet lags?How are pilots duties scheduled or arranged?Do pilots panic during an emergency?Can you be a pilot if you wear glasses?Do captains and first officers on commercial flights usually know each other?What is the differences between the captain and first officer?How much does it really cost to become a commercial pilot?What do the pilots and the flight attendants do after all the passengers have exited?How many flights per day do pilots fly?What is family life like as a pilot?