Gloucestershire 60 Minute R22 Helicopter Trial Lesson


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Helicopter Experience Days: This Gloucestershire R22 Helicopter Trial Flight Lesson is the ideal experience gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of soaring through the sky – but is also a totally thrilling activity you can try out yourself! Whether you are serious about flying and want to obtain your licence or you just want to see if this adrenaline-pumping activity is for you, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic and totally unforgettable time during this superb one hour flying lesson. At a top flying centre in Gloucestershire, you will be learning from expert pilots as you experience first-hand the mind-blowing capabilities of the Robinson 22 two-seater helicopter. Your experience will begin with a pre-flight safety briefing before you board the R22 alongside your instructor. The controls will be explained to you and you’ll get familiar with the cyclic (for turning and accelerating), the collective (for ascending and descending) and the pedals (for balance and direction) … and then once you’re feeling confident it’s time to go! Your instructor will perform the vertical take-off; prepare yourself for an incredible feeling of exhilaration as the blades begin to whirr and you rise into the sky! Once you’re safely airborne the instructor will pass you the controls and then it’s your turn – you will have an absolute blast as you fly and will receive constant guidance and instruction. This is a brilliant flying lesson where you will have a lot of fun as you learn all the basics of helicopter flight. You’ll get to admire sensational panoramic views as you fly and will be awarded a flying certificate once you land. An unforgettable aerial adventure…