Hertfordshire Helicopter Flying Lesson – 1 Hour


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Enjoy a private 60 minute helicopter flying lesson in Hertfordshire. If you or someone you know is interested in learning to fly a helicopter, this helicopter flying lesson is an absolutely fantastic introductory lesson, that will give them a real sense of what it is to be a real helicopter pilot, and help them take that first step towards becoming one themselves! This will make a truly unforgettable and unique gift for anyone who really thinks the sky is the limit – or if you are seriously thinking about earning a helicopter pilots licence, it is a fantastic gift to give yourself. You’ll be flying an iconic Robinson R22 chopper, a nippy little two-seater, two-blade aircraft that has incredible manoeuvrability and sharp responses. The Hertfordshire flying school is a great place to learn to fly a helicopter – with expert, enthusiastic instruction and beautiful countryside to soar over, you have everything you need to make your helicopter flying experience truly unforgettable. You will arrive at the flying school and receive a nice warm welcome while your instructor delivers a technical and safety briefing, and introduces you to the airfield. After some theory about the mechanisms of heliopter flight, you will jump into the R22 and get ready for take off! From engine-on to shut-down, you will have 60 minutes of hands-on helicopter flying experience, with help throughout from your professional pilot instructor. Your beginning lesson At the end of your flying lesson, you will have a debrief with your instructor, where you can ask any questions you might have, and discuss what happens next. It takes time, skill, and effort to become a helicopter pilot, but if you are prepared to make an investment, you can’t go wrong with this excellent Hertfordshire helicopter flight school!