One Hour R44 Helicopter Trial Flight Lesson in Gloucestershire


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Flying a helicopter is one of the most exhilarating, unique and liberating activities there are – and this R44 Helicopter Trial Flight Lesson in Gloucestershire is the perfect way to try it out for the first time, and makes the perfect experience gift for a daredevil. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from expert flight instructors at a top flying centre in Gloucestershire, and under such superb tuition you will be surprised at how quickly you can pick up the different flying techniques. Your experience will kick off with a pre-flight safety briefing before you board the R44 along with your instructor and guests, and get familiar with the controls – the most important ones are the cyclic (for turning and accelerating), the collective (for ascending and descending) and the pedals (for balance and direction). The instructor will perform the heart-pounding vertical take-off, so get ready for a serious buzz; the feeling of gently rising into the air in this awesome vehicle is like nothing you have experienced before, and you will soon be totally hooked! Once you’re high enough in the sky you will be passed the controls yourself and can enjoy soaring through the sky as free as a bird – just don’t forget to take bring a camera for the magnificent views! So whether you are serious about flying and want to obtain your pilot’s licence, are looking for a unique experience gift for a friend, or are just looking for a thrilling activity to share with friends, nothing about this brilliant experience will disappoint!!