One Hour Trial Helicopter Lesson in a Cabri G2 in Sussex


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Flying a helicopter is a unique, exhilarating experience, and if you’ve ever dreamed of being airborne, piloting a chopper and soaring through the sky, then this superb one hour trial helicopter lesson is for you. Learning from flight instructors who are commercial pilots and flying in a special area set aside for trial lessons, you will be in the best possible hands at the historic Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex. Flying a helicopter is not as hard as you might think, and this fantastic one hour lesson will give you plenty of time to get some hands-on experience in a Cabri G2 and learn many essential flying techniques and skills. One of the best things about travelling in a helicopter is the flexibility it gives you in the sky; you can go backwards and sideways as well as forward and hover comfortably in the clouds – you’ll soon see why helicopter travel is seen as the most glamorous and thrilling way to get around! Whether you want to begin taking steps towards becoming a fully qualified helicopter pilot, want to fulfil a childhood dream or are just looking for an electrifying activity to get involved with, this superb 60 minute lesson will not disappoint; take to the skies today and see just how far you can come in an hour.Your One Hour Cabri G2 Trial Helicopter Flying Lesson in Sussex will begin when you arrive at Chichester airfield near the Goodwood Estate, where you will be welcomed by the ground crew and then given a detailed safety pre-flight briefing from your pilot.You will go over all the essential information you will need to know, such as how the helicopter flies and what the controls do, and then the pilot will begin the exhilarating vertical take-off! Once you’re up in the sky you will have the chance to take over the controls and have a go at flying yourself; you will go over plenty of elementary flying techniques during the 60 minute session, so you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much you can learn.