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Rod Machado Ground School And Other Products

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Want to improve your flying skills? Check out Rod Machado’s aviation learning products. From online courses to books and DVDs, Rod offers a variety of resources to help you become a better pilot whether you’re a student, private, or simply rusty pilot. With years of experience teaching pilots of all levels, he knows what it takes to help you reach your goals. So whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your flying to the next level, be sure to check out Rod’s offerings.

Rod Machado 40 Hour Ppl Ground School
Rod Machado 40 hour PPL Ground School

Who is Rod Machado and what are his products?

Aviation aficionados and newbies alike know the name Rod Machado for his engaging and informative aviation learning products. These products include pilot ground school courses, flight training handbooks, practical audio seminars, and interactive online courses. He also hosts engaging pilot seminars in North America that feature thought-provoking topics from fun stories to advanced flying techniques.

Rod Machado has degrees in Psychology and Aviation Science. He is an Airline Transport Pilot rated with all fixed wing-flight powered instructor ratings. Rod started instructing student pilots full-time in 1973 and has been teaching ever since. His experience includes teaching grounds schools often to classrooms of 200 starting in 1975; conducting aviation safety seminars in the US, Canada & Europe; teaching hundreds of Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinics; 10,000 hours flying logged.

For five years he co-wrote and co-anchored ABC’s Wide World of Flying. For fifteen years he was the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s National Flight Instructor Spokesman. In addition, Microsoft asked him to design the lessons and be the CFI voice for their “Flight Simulator” software series.

Rod’s aviation insight is unparalleled in the industry and represents the epitome of success when it comes to aviation education. With his help and guidance, aspiring pilots can master the skies in no time at all.

Helping Pilots & Student Pilots

Aviation is a complex yet fascinating field that unfortunately can seem intimidating and confusing to many due to the sheer amount of knowledge needed for that first licence. However, with the help of specialized products made specifically to teach people about aviation, anyone can gain the information they need to understand this whole new realm.

It’s well known when learning anything new that requires the absorption of a lot of information that it’s best separated into portions of subject matter that can be studied piece by piece. Rod Machado’s aviation training products do just that, and the material he generates is made up of explanations that are written in an engaging one-to-one style. He doesn’t make assumptions about his audience and explains things as if he were chatting to you over a coffee or a beer.

Rod Machado Ground School Training Products

Rod’s ground school training products are perfect for anyone who needs to complete the PPL exams and who is eager to do so on the first attempt. With years of teaching experience, Rod has created a comprehensive collection of material to help students become connected, confident and competent in the world of aviation at the student pilot level. Whether studying for a recreational or professional pilot certificate, Rod’s ground school training products ensure that each student is developing the necessary skills and knowledge needed to soar to great heights.

These ground school training products also include intermediate and advanced studies for those already in possession of a pilot’s license. Many aviators who bought his entry-level products have returned to purchase more of his learning aids to complete an Instrument Rating or simply to improve their flying technique, perhaps after they’ve developed bad habits.

Here is a summary of what his catalogue of training materials contains:

Rod Machado’s Tips For Aspiring Pilots

“There is no such thing as a stupid question.”

Rod’s main takeaway for aspiring pilots is never to hesitate to ask questions; the more you know, the more confidence and success you’ll have in your journey. Rod suggests breaking down all of the tasks you learn into smaller, bite-size chunks until you feel comfortable with each step along the way.

He also advises engaging all of your senses when flying to help build your skills; keep an eye on aviation weather reports, use your hands-on training sessions every time you go up in the air, listen closely for any signs of trouble and use scents such as fuel spills or unusual fumes to detect engine issues right away. With some dedication, practice and these expert tips from Rod Machado, your confidence will grow and you’ll develop the kinds of skills needed to be a competent and confident pilot who is capable of carrying passengers, touring, and exploring.

In Summary

Rod Machado - How To Fly An Airplane Handbook
Rod Machado’s How To Fly An Airplane Handbook

Rod’s training products offer something for everyone in the aviation world, from those seeking to learn how to fly for the first time, to those needing a refresher course on an instrument rating, and to those reaching even higher.

With his finger always on the pulse of the industry, Rod has skillfully crafted an educational journey filled with a top-of-the-line curriculum and informative online tools. That includes a free syllabus for both flight training and ground school courses that provide pilots of every level with dependable instructions materialized in video modules, diagrams, and images.

Furthermore, his ‘Learn To Fly’ and ‘IFR Proficiency’ classes are designed to help students easily transition through their pilot rating exams. Last but not least the Rusty Pilot package is specifically tailored towards eager aviators that want to get back into flying while Flight Instructor grants new trainers the knowledge they need to hit the ground running. Put together Rod’s arsenal of products serves as a reliable pathway for each aspiring pilot.

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