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Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m going to review Rod Machado’s “How To Fly An Airplane Handbook”.

Are you a student pilot looking for a plain English guide to the exercises in the PPL syllabus?

Are you a current private pilot seeking an easy to follow refresher on the principles of flight?

Do you find yourself wishing you understood more but reluctant to ask because you worry about sounding stupid?

Watch this video through to the end while I explain what’s in this ebook, and how it’s highly likely to be the handbook you seek.

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Disclosure: Rod Machado provided me with a free copy of this ebook in order to write this review.

Rod Machado is a familiar face to many people who have learned to fly light aircraft.

He is of course American, and while some of his many books and courses are written for the Federal Aviation Authority PPL syllabus, this particular ebook has global appeal.

The principles of flight and the techniques for perfecting all flying maneuvers are the same, whether you’re flying a Cessna out of Cincinnati, a Piper over Portsmouth in the UK, or a Mooney over Mumbai.

This book is ideal for any student pilot or pilot who wants to walk through the exercises and maneuvers before and after practising each of them.

It’s divided into 14 chapters, or should that be 14 pre and post flight briefings.

This is the book you need if you want to read, understand, practice, and perfect your techniques to the point where skilled maneuvers become part of your muscle memory.

But it’s not just about piloting the aircraft while airborne. It’s also packed with details about those preflight checks pilots carry out on the ground.

Aircraft checklists are just that – lists, but in order to understand why these lists exist and the purpose of each check you need further explanations, and this book provides them.

The explanations in each section are perfectly explained with numerous illustrations.

Reading through this book you’ll find yourself thinking, “Ah, now I get it!”.

The chapters are written in that same plain English style that is the hallmark of Rod Machado’s teaching technique.

Added to this is the humour which acts as an anchor point, making the lessons more memorable.

Too many ‘how to fly an aircraft’ textbooks are far too technical and lack this human touch.

They can also be lacking in clear images and graphics that highlight what is being explained.

Rod’s method has worked for over 40 years because he conveys the lesson in a style that is easy to follow and remember.

He talks to you through this ebook as if he’s both an instructor and a friend. He explains the lesson in a way that assumes you know nothing but without sounding condescending or patronising.

It’s clear from his style that he wants you to understand, and takes pleasure in explaining things to you.

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