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How To Sell CDs, DVDs, Books And Turn Your Clutter into Cash

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How To Sell Cds, Dvds, Books And Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

During one of the recent fits of de-cluttering I found a new way to sell CDs, DVDs, books, and other items that would otherwise sit in the car boot or eBay pile.

Sometimes it seems like the world is just too full of stuff.  Our garages and our lofts are filled to overflowing with unused items that we hang on to ‘just in case’.

The surplus has spawned a new storage industry.  Every town now has a selection of storage facilities and many of those lock ups are for the accumulated belongings of people how have run out of space at home.

We are obese with belongings.  It’s time to shed some of the fat and turn it into cash.

I’ve tried car booting.  It’s a very early start, usually on a Sunday, and a drive to a field or a school.  You stand there for hours while people sniff at your £1 price tag and walk on seemingly unwilling or unable to haggle.

I’ve had an eBay account since 2003 (!) and sold plenty on there but it’s becoming harder to do so. The fees are high and the buyers can be pain with endless questions and frequent returns.

I don’t think eBay likes the small buyers and sellers any more.  They seem to be more accommodating to the shops and other businesses.

What is needed is somewhere I can ship in bulk for a quick cash return.  A sort of send and forget model.

How To Sell CDs, DVDs, Books etc For Cash

One option is  They provide a free app with which you can scan the barcode on your CDs, DVDs, and books.  The app then gives you an instant valuation and adds the item to a virtual basket.

Once you’ve completed your scanning you’ll have a total valuation and you’re ready to pack and ship the goods.  You can drop the box off at the nearest Collect+ point (usually a nearby newsagent).

At first you might be disappointed by the amount paid for each item but consider the alternatives:

  1. Drive to a car boot sale and sell some of your CDs at a higher price. You pay for the pitch and you may not sell all the CDs.  Add to that all the hassle of packing and travel.
  2. List them on eBay1?Ff3=1&Amp;Pub=5574630896&Amp;Toolid=10001&Amp;Campid=5337978708&Amp;Customid=&Amp;Mpt=[Cachebuster] and pay the fees: listing, transaction and any optional extras.  There’s no guarantee you’ll sell all or any of them.
  3. Sell them in bulk using  One parcel, one shipment, one payment for all of them.  The price per items is less but the net result is cash in your bank without the time and the hassle of the first two options.

Of course Ziffit isn’t the only company that offer this service but I tried others first with the same collection of CDs.  Ziffit came out on top because they offered 20% more for the goods and the app worked better than others I tried.

It might be hard to part with a copy of Led Zeppelin II bought at HMV in 2008 for £9.99 but with iTunes and Amazon Prime it’s become a backup copy only.  Besides, with the cash from the sale of old CDs I might just complete the circle and buy some vinyl.

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