Sim-Fly Norfolk. Flight Simulator Experience, Flight Training

Sim-Fly Norfolk. Flight Simulator Experience For All Ages. Flight Training, Instrument Flying

Sim-Fly Norfolk offers flight simulator experiences for the public with an experienced former flying instructor at Old Buckenham airfield in Norfolk.

We specialise in introducing anyone of any age (around 9 upwards or 130 cms) to flying in any plane, anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night – in any weather.

Youngsters or birthday celebrators get a signed and dated certificate.

You may also bring up to four other people along to watch your flight and cheer you on! Watching is a real treat as everyone is learning and enjoying the unique views from 2000’.

But don’t worry, as no one ever leaves the ground or ‘moves around’ as it is a fixed simulator and there is never any danger. The session is to be enjoyed and many people have gone away wanting to learn to fly or continue with the wonders of flight simulation…

Why not?
Don’t worry about the outside weather as apart from power cuts, we fly when you want to.

The scenery is photo realistic – so you can take off from the airfield of your choice but typically Norwich airport in a Cessna 172 and then understand the basics of flying.

We can then fly over your house or over any part of the UK, so don’t forget to bring your camera to record your trip.

After flying a Cessna at 100 Kts you may want to then progress onto a Spitfire at 250 Kts and then a Red Arrow Hawk at 500 Kts… Any plane out of the 100 planes on our system.

Our flight simulator is a modern system which has an instrument panel for ANY plane, we have a huge 10’ x 8’ screen, a projected image, a vibrating seat and full surround sound.

Merlin engines sound sweet but jets are noisy!

Many people return to either do a 5 hour structured course or a regular weekly session where tutees can extend their flying skills into instrument flying or night flying – endless possibilities.

A voucher lasts for 6 months – these make ideal gifts for your loved ones as they are unique, easy to buy, and we haven’t had a disappointed visitor yet.

On receipt of a voucher, just ring us on 01953 860 914 to book a 90-minute appointment – we are open 9-5, Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.

Each session lasts an hour and a half so there is no rush and time for us to understand what the flyer wants to achieve.

Aircraft modellers have an advantage, but most people know nothing about piloting but go away knowing the basics. Many people want to revisit old nostalgic haunts around the world – fly over the Cornish coast, Mount Everest, under the Sydney Harbour bridge – it’s all down to your choice.

We also specialise in reuniting ex-servicemen with their favourite aircraft – be it an Avro Anson, a Meteor or a Mach 2 Lightning. A group booking here is a favourite.

For those pilots holding a licence or training to fly we can help you, but only with the practical flying skills – not the exams or ever-changing rules.

Gift vouchers make perfect Christmas or significant birthday presents!

Contact: Sim-Fly Norfolk, Virtual Avenue, Old Buckenham airfield, Old Buckenham, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 1PU

Tel: 01953 860 914

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