Boris is out of hospital and convalescing at Chequers. Yesterday the death toll passed the 10,000 mark. As bad as it is there are those who think it will get far worse, but the predictions by the University of Washington in Seattle of 66,000 deaths in the UK by AugustContinue Reading

Easter Sunday and the nom du jour is PPE and the shortage of it. Medical staff are complaining of shorages and the government is trying to source supplies (from China, of all places). It’s not every hospital that has run out but there is obviously a break in the supplyContinue Reading

In this post I give my review of the film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun. This much anticipated film was released earlier this month (April 2020), several months after the originally intended release date. If you’ve never heard of Dr Steven M Greer, the 2001 NationalContinue Reading

It’s Easter Saturday and the media reports that the vast majority of people are obeying the restrictions. Nevertheless, the effect of the infection spread from recent weeks has resulted in 980 deaths yesterday, breaking the record yet again. The USA have become the first country to experience 2,000 deaths inContinue Reading

Boris is out of intensive care – hurray! He’s making good progress. However, this good news is counterbalance by more stories from the wards and from personal accounts of relatives who have died. Yesterday the total number of deaths in the UK was just under 8,000. It’s still much lowerContinue Reading

Boris is better, that’s the good news. The bad news is that over 900 people died yesterday making it the worse day yet, so it seems the predictions may be correct in that we could see 1,000 deaths a day until the peak. Consquently, there’s no end to lockdown inContinue Reading

Boris Johnson remains in the ICU at St Thomas’s hospital in London. He is breathing unaided and on the one hand it doesn’t sound as serious as first thought but some have suggested he won’t be fully recovered for many weeks. This has stirred up the press with talk ofContinue Reading

Yesterday evening we went to be with the news that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had been transferred to an intensive care unit as a precautionary measure due to the fact that he was having difficulty breathing. He remains conscious for the time being but has asked the Foreign SecretaryContinue Reading