Visit for courses like Richard Dolan’s Introduction to Ufology I create these videos using Vidnami: I optimise these videos using TubeBuddy: Top 7 Best Films about UFOs, Ufology, and Ufologists. Do you agree? In this video I list my choices for the Top Seven best films aboutContinue Reading

In this post I’m going to explain why I think it’s time that the subject of Ufology or UFO Studies moves from the fringes into the mainstream. This post is aimed at everyone who has an interest in this subject, be they interested onlookers and amateur or professional researchers, butContinue Reading

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Thirty five years ago before digital cameras, mobile phones, the Web, and camcorders, there weren’t many ways in which to capture stills and video of UFOs and it was a lot more slow and difficult to share any evidence or fresh information. Today you can film some footage of aContinue Reading