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“…very responsive and extremely professional…”

Ben was quick to offer solutions to our SEO goals and ended up creating content using the latest AI tools along with his SEO skills. Very responsive and friendly.
Neil Reeve-Newson
NRN Global
Ben has provided a number of videos for us, all of which have been of the highest quality. However, what sets Ben aside is the level of service that he provides. Always available, very responsive and extremely professional. Thank you Ben from all at Drone Major Group, we love working with you
Robert Garbett
Drone Major Group
I reached out to Ben to create a short YouTube commercial for our flight school, and I’m very happy with my decision. The result has exceeded our expectations. The job was done on a high level and in a very short amount of time. Ben is a professional, and it’s a pleasure doing business with him.
Alexander Souponetsky
Legacy Aviation

“…impressed by his talented and prompt attention…”

Ben made a fantastic promotional video for us! He did it quickly and with minimal input. He innately understands how to convey the attributes of your product or company in a very positive professional manner. I would highly recommend giving him a try. You won’t be disappointed!
Greg Youngs
Bristol Watch Company
Ben furnished us with three (UAV) websites and all of the social media trappings that go with them so we needed to be coaxed away from our pencils and paper and into the modern communications space. Ben has been very patient and tolerant during numerous conference calls over the past few months and I think we have made great progress thanks to his efforts. We have retained Redspan for hosting and I am sure we will be calling on Ben’s expertise again soon.
Jo Gillespie
Gates Aviation
Ben Lovegrove contacted me via my LinkedIn profile and he offered to create a new commercial video for Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Ltd.
His offer of a short and focused video, at low cost, was acceptable to me. Within a few days, after AHA Ltd’s team had provided text and images, I was viewing the draft video.
A few days later it had been inserted onto our website, I am impressed by his talented and prompt attention to AHA Ltd’s requirements
Bruce N. Blake
Patroller Airships

“…very professional, highly recommended…”

Ben invited me to use his service of making a short video clip for my flight simulator company – Sim-Fly Norfolk, but nothing prepared me for his swift action and stunning results – after a couple of tweaks we had a super film and clever sound / visual recording of my work. Clearly his aviation background also helps Ben understand the world of flying! What a great and efficient service – very professional, highly recommended and a man of his word.
Cpt. John Hoyte
Fly-Sim Norfolk
I found Redspan Solutions, and this is just what I needed – a marketing video for my new business. Getting your new business off the ground is no easy task, but with my new video, I feel great about it helping get the word out. Ben was quick to help me out, very professional, and got the video done in just a few short days, I am very impressed with the video and the price point. My video rated on page one on Google and YouTube right out of the gate. Look no further for your video marketing needs! Thanks, Ben!! Also a GREAT voice for narrating your videos!
Jeff Mason
Building America
Ben offered his services to make a promotional video of my hangar homes after he saw my planning application for Lee-on-Solent Airfield.
At first I was somewhat sceptical because I had no hangar homes to show, as it was a new concept, but he convinced me that it would help to get this across to those that did not understand the concept, so I agreed for him to put it together. All I did was send him some images and he did the rest in only one day.
The response from the video has been huge from social media, and my only regret is that I did not get this done sooner. The cost was very reasonable and will pay for itself many times over.
Thanks Ben, you’re a star, and with your interest in aviation, an ideal person to live in a hangar home.
Peter Day
Hangar Homes

“…very happy with what he has done for us…”

A no-nonsense fast service that does just what it says on the tin.
Phil Croucher, CFI
CPL & ATPL Advanced Training
Highly recommend to anyone wishing to promote their business.
Cpt. Chris Rigby
Chief Pilot / MD
We weren’t doing much with social media as a business. Ben approached us to look after our accounts and we have been very happy with what he has done for us.
Ed Brooks
CEO, Sourcemogul

“…all in all, excellent…”

We used Redspan Solutions for eight years and always had an excellent and prompt service.
Ben is a joy to deal with and very good about the fact he’s dealing with two non-technological whizzes who need everything explained in words of one syllable. All in all, excellent.
Jo Sams & Sarah Stacey
Very happy with Ben’s work to build the website, help me manage it and provide the great videos promoting it. I will be commissioning more. He’s a steady chap, easy to listen to, who is responsive and able with good advice who understands aviation – so the right person for it, and reasonable with his prices.
Charles Luffman
Ben is a knowledgable and dedicated individual who was an integral part of the Customer Engineering team.
He is able to explain and implement changes to networks that cover both the simple day to day operational changes, as well as the larger changes demanded when organisations restructure.
John Dixion
Senior Network Engineer

“…helpful, professional, honest and trustworthy…”

Ben is an excellent provider with first hand knowledge and expertise to guide you through the web management process. He also provides supportive and professional ongoing customer support and advice.
Rachel Lovegrove
Orange Tree Yoga
Just a quick note to say how delighted I am at the service Redspan Solutions have provided me with over the last few years. As you know your company built my website and I’ve been very pleased with the results. Thanks to the site I have received new orders and it continues to generate enquiries.
Jem Musselwhite
Jem Musselwhite Ltd
I bought from Redspan Solutions in 2010. The sale went through very smoothly and quickly. Ben Lovegrove was very helpful, professional, honest and trustworthy. I was a complete novice, having never bought a business before, and he made the process very easy and stress-free.
Erika Joyce
Love Sail

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