The TR6 Telos Transatmospheric Vehicle Powered By Electrogravitics?

In this video I look into the rumours about the TR-6 Telos aircraft. The TR-6 Telos is said to be an advanced ultra secret reconnaissance aircraft, supposedly developed by Northrop Grumman, although I stress nothing of what follows is presented as fact.

My previous videos about the TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra, the black triangle UFOs, generated a lot of interest, and viewers continue to step forward with accounts of sightings.

However, the distinctive chevron shape of the TR-6 has also been reported by observers over the skies of North America and elsewhere, as we shall see.

The image you’re looking at now is reproduced here with the permission of the original source, [email protected].

It first appeared online in 2012 on a site called but that site is no longer maintained by the original site owner.

The image has been widely shared since and appears to be the main source of all the rumours about this aircraft.

Some of the technical descriptions within it have been met with scathing dismissals from skeptics.

However, in cyberspace, everyone has an opinion and there’s no shortage of self-appointed experts.

So let’s look at the image in detail.

From this image we can see that ‘Telos’ stands for Transatmospheric Electrogravitic Low Observability Surveillance platform.

In plain English that suggests that this aircraft can operate both within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. This VTOL aircraft is said to have an electrogravitic propulsion system consisting of five units although eye witnesses have reported seven in some reports.

Obviously, this would depend on how many are actually powered on during each sighting.

Low observability simply means that it’s hard to spot because it has an advanced and sophisticated camouflage system that helps it blend with the night sky.

And it is apparently designed as a surveillance platform, or spy aircraft if you like.

The image suggests that the two wings can be folded reducing the dorsal view width to 256 feet, and shows the comparable size of a B-2 Spirit Bomber.

The B-2 Spirit Bomber has a wingspan of about 170 feet (52m) and a 747 Jumbo Jet has a wingspan of 224 feet.

The ventral view in the image shows the width to be 519 feet, so even with the wings folded there are not many hangars in the USA that could accommodate an aircraft of this size.

Another section in the picture shows the aircraft with the ‘Starfield Camouflage’ active, illustrating how it partly blends into the night sky.

At the top of the illustration is a side view, again with the B-2 Spirit Bomber for comparison, with a length shown of 219 feet.

Continued in the video…

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