The Wessex Triangle: Winchester UFOs and Crop Circles in the 1970s

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The Wessex Triangle: Winchester UFOs and Crop Circles in the 1970s

In this video I talk about the UFO sightings, close encounters, crop circles, and other paranormal activity that took place in and around Winchester in Hampshire during the 1970s.

These include the close encounters of the third kind as described by Mrs Joyce Bowles and her neighbour Ted Pratt in 1976 and 1977, some of the earliest crop circles, and the Wessex Triangle.

This video is a curation of information and versions of the accounts, drawing upon information supplied by a variety of websites and files, details of which can be found below this video on YouTube.

These cases are of particular interest to me as I was a teenager at the time, living just outside Winchester.

I had already developed a keen interest in the paranormal and remember watching the accounts given on the local TV news with rapt attention.

Over forty years later, many people will be unaware of these supernatural events so this video may generate some new or renewed interest in these strange tales.


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Colin Andrews, Crop Circle Research

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Winchester Archeology

Alien Voice 1977

Councillor Hicks 2009

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