Tic Tac UFOs: Nimitz 2004, Roosevelt 2015

Tic Tac UFOs: Nimitz 2004, Roosevelt 2015

The Tic Tac UFOs have been seen by multiple credible military witnesses, corroborated with IR video, radar, and sonar.

  1. F/A-18 pilots from the USS Nimitz in 2004 on exercises in the Pacific to the west of San Diego
  2. F/A-18 pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2015 in the Atlantic on exercises to the east of Virginia.
  3. During combat deployment in over Syria
  4. During combat deployment in over Afghanistan

The three videos (FLIR, GOFAST, and GIMBAL) leaked three years ago have since been officially released by the US Navy.

The US Navy has also modified its guidelines for personnel reporting any unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

They have also been seen by fisherman operating near Guadalupe Island, 241 miles west of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

Tic Tac UFOs: Nimitz 2004, Roosevelt 2015

The Five Observables

The objects are characterised by these five observables:

  1. Anti-gravity lift. No visible means of propulsion, no flight surfaces.
  2. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration. From standing position to 3,400mph according to radar operators aboard the USS Princeton. Ping-pong direction changes.
  3. Hypersonic velocities without signatures. No sonic booms, no vapour trails.
  4. Low observability, or cloaking. Glow or haze only around the object.
  5. Trans-medium travel. Ability to exit/enter water where they’ve been tracked by sonar travelling at 70 knots.

What are the possible explanations?

  1. A huge advance in technology by China, Russia, or some other foreign power.
  2. A huge advance in technology by the USA itself within a top secret project.
  3. An extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin.

FLIR 2004 (USS Nimitz Aircraft)

GOFAST 2015 (USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft)

GIMBAL 2015 (USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft)

Commander David Fravor (retd.)

Watch Commander David Fravor give his full and frank account of the events in 2004.

What Next?

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