TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – Fresh Black Triangle Sightings

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TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – Fresh Black Triangle Sightings

This video is a supplement to one I made in early January, 2019.

That video was entitled “TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – What are these black triangles”, and it proved to be very popular.

It seems this subject is of great interest so I thought I would review any additional information that’s come to light in the past few months.

According to MUFON (and posts in social media) sightings of black triangles continue to startle witnesses.

For example, if we take a sample from the MUFON database it shows that between 1st January and 30th April 2018 there were 69 UFO sighting submissions categorised as black triangles, from witnesses in the USA.

And there were 5 such submissions for sightings in the UK.

In some cases the actual sightings occurred several months or even years earlier but they were submitted to MUFON in the first quarter of 2018.

During the same period a year later, 1st January to 30th April 2019, there were 53 submissions from the USA and 6 for sightings in the UK.

Most do not include any photographic or video evidence, though some do, and there are also a few drawings.

The few video clips available show some interesting footage.

However, without the additional evidence and corroboration from other independent witnesses, it seems this type of footage will remain just an intriguing enigma.

Some may be genuine and some may be hoaxes. I don’t know which are which. Do you? Express your opinion by posting a comment below.


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