TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – What are these black triangle UFOs?

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TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – What are these black triangle UFOs?

In this video I talk about the increase in sightings of the black triangle UFOs, sometimes called the TR-3B.

I’ll briefly the summarise the history of this phenomena to date and then speculate about the possible explanations.

If, having watched this video through to the end, you can think of any important details that I’ve omitted or if you have alternative theories of your own, please post a comment below.

If I haven’t included any details or theories it isn’t necessarily because I don’t think they’re relevant. It may be because I am not aware of them, so share your insights and let’s see if we can get to the truth.

First, a short review of the recent past.

You may aware that UFOs can be categorised according to their shape.

For example, flying saucers, cigar shaped objects, orbs, and so on.

This categorisation enables researchers to gather data and look for commonalities among sightings all over the world.

One of the categories are those known as black triangles and they’ve been spotted on numerous occasions in the last few decades.

The most notorious sightings were during what is now known as the Belgian UFO wave of November 1989 to April 1990.

UFOs in the shape of black triangles were seen within Belgian air space on many occasions.

Witnesses described black triangles with pulsing coloured lights in each corner on the underside of the object.

They were said to fly low and slow at night over cities and open countryside.

What makes the Belgian sightings more interesting than many others is the fact that an object was tracked on radar.

With this radar evidence their concern was sufficient to scramble two Belgian Air Force F-16s to investigate and intercept the object.

The F-16 pilots spent an hour trying to intercept it on nine different occasions but failed to do so.

Skeptics have suggested that the Belgian UFO wave was nothing other than a mass delusion.

They point out that many of the sightings weren’t reported until after the main story reached the media.

However, there have been sightings of similar shaped UFOs over the years, most notably in North America in 2000, 2004 & 2006 in Illinois, in 2014 in Kansas and Texas, in 2017 in Wisconsin, and in June 2018 in Maryland.

And another significant series of sightings that match the description is the Phoenix Lights incident of the late 1990s.

Entire documentaries and films have been made of this event alone, so it’s worthy of further investigation.

Continued in the video…


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