Ufo Hearings 2023 - Oath

UFO Hearings 2023: UAP Implications on Security, Safety, Transparency

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The congressional UFO hearings of July 26th 2023 was the day on which we saw three of the most well known witnesses of the modern age of UFOs/UAP give their testimonies under oath.

They were:

  1. Ryan Graves, Executive Director, Americans for Safe Aerospace. Graves was a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot. He has direct experience with the ‘tic tac’ UFOs while flying training missions off the east coast of the USA in 2014 and 2015.
    Ryan Graves’ opening statement in full.
  2. Rt. Commander David Fravor, Former Commanding Officer, Black Aces Squadron, U.S. Navy. David Fravor was involved in the earlier encounters with the tic tac UAP during training exercises off the west coast of the USA in 2004. It was these encounters that led to the release of several video clips and the 2017 article in the New York Times.
    David Fravor’s opening statement in full.
  3. David Grusch, Former National Reconnaissance Officer Representative, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force, Department of Defense. David Grusch is the recent whistleblower who has gone on the record to say that he has knowledge of aerospace firms that have in their possession UAP technologies.
    David Grusch’s opening statement in full.

In the front row, sitting directly behind the witnesses, were George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell who both paid rapt attention to the proceedings. Richard Dolan livestreamed his reactions. No doubt Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel were watching closely too, as were so many others, both amateur and professional commentators, authors, and researchers.

In the days and weeks ahead we can expect many podcasts, articles, and blog posts that cover this event in ways that are far more articulate and detailed than this post, but for now, here are some of my notes and thoughts.

Ufos And Aliens - Bbc
Even The Bbc Woke Up And Took Notice

Bipartisan Representation

Representatives putting their questions to the witnesses included:

  • Rep. Tim Burchett
    Rep. Eric Burlison
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz
  • Rep. Glenn Grothman (chairman)
  • Rep. Anna Paulina Luna
    Rep. Nancy Mace
  • Rep. Jared Moskowitz
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Rep. Andy Ogles
  • Rep. Jamie Raskin

The public seating included:

UFO Hearings – Media Coverage

The hearings generated widespread media coverage. Waking up the following morning to read the headlines around the world was to realise that this was indeed a watershed moment. Here was an hour long event that caught press attention in a way unlike anything had done in previous years, perhaps decades.

A Milestone on the Road to Disclosure

UFO disclosure is the Holy Grail of the whole subject of ufology. Ever since the veil of secrecy descended in the immediate aftermath of the Roswell incident of 1947 the truth about UFOs has been the world’s best kept secret. Decade after decade, despite all the sightings and close encounters, the only response from the world’s governments and military has been denial.

Meanwhile, the media has maintained an orchestrated campaign of ridicule, scoffing at the stories from bewildered members of the public and encouraging everyone else to do likewise. These policies have worked. It’s an uncomfortable experience to step away from the herd, from the groupthink, and to stand alone. Most people would prefer to keep their head down, if only to save their careers or to avoid the stares and gossip from those who think them mentally unstable simply for describing their experiences.

During the hearing, Ryan Graves estimated that 95% of all sightings by pilots go unreported due to the stigma associated with the subject of UFOs.

However, July 26 2023 may be remembered as the day on which the age of ridicule and denial finally ended. To deny the fact that there are objects of unknown origin flying around our skies in ways that defy the known laws of physics is now akin to saying that the earth is flat. It is a fact confirmed my multiple eye witness accounts from military and civilian pilots, and radar operators who have captured the data.

UFO Hearings – Highlights

These are some of the notes I made during the hearing. They may not be exact quotes but they provide a flavour of some of the questions and answers.

“There has to be a safe reporting process and system” – for civilian and military pilots – Garcia

Moskowitz: Have you met with people who have knowledge of or worked on NHI technology? Grusch: Yes, I have

Garcia: Do you believe our government is in possession of UAPs?
Grusch: Absolutely

Luna: Why do you call it non human intelligence and not ET?
Grusch: To keep an open mind as to the origin

Burlison: Have you seen the spacecraft? Have you seen the bodies?
Grusch: Can’t answer that here

Burlison: You mentioned interdimensional
Grusch: Holographic principle theoretical framework discussion

There’s still things they can’t or won’t say

During the hearing, David Grusch responded to questions by saying that he couldn’t divulge the answer publicly but could do so in a SCIF.

What is a SCIF?

A SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is a secure room or building where sensitive compartmented information (SCI) can be stored, used, discussed, and electronically processed. Key details about SCIFs:

  • They are used to hold classified conversations and store classified materials. Conversations and materials are restricted to those with proper security clearance.
  • The physical construction of a SCIF aims to prevent electronic eavesdropping and visual surveillance. Features often include sound masking, one-way opaque windows, and walls with copper mesh or other shielding.
  • Access is strictly controlled. Non-cleared personnel need to be escorted by cleared personnel at all times. All entries/exits are logged.
  • SCIFs have restrictions on what electronic devices can be brought in, since hardware could potentially be compromised. For example, cell phones are prohibited.
  • Government facilities like the White House and Capitol Building have SCIFs. Members of Congress use SCIFs to review classified materials and have classified conversations.
  • Improper handling of classified info in a SCIF could result in security incidents and penalties. There are strict procedures for securing materials.

So in summary, a SCIF is a secure facility used by the government to facilitate classified and sensitive conversations, briefings, and document review. It’s an integral part of how Congress and others handle and discuss sensitive national security matters.

Conspiracies within Conspiracies

There are some who think that a bipartisan hearing about UFOs is a distraction. They postulate that it’s part of a plot to make us frightened about aliens and to suggest that an alien invasion is imminent, thereby using yet another fear to justify the ushering in of a global government that strips away the last of our rights to privacy and self determination. They see the UFO topic as the third in a series;

  • Covid and pandemic lockdowns
  • Climate alarmism and carbon lockdowns?
  • Alien invasion and survival lockdowns?

It’s a matter of historical fact that false flag military operations have been employed to justify wars and huge spending on defence, but I don’t think we’re about to be invaded by aliens, and I don’t think people would believe their governments if they tried to convince us of the idea.

Common Myths

Any article about UFOs/UAP that appears online in a mainstream media newsite is liable to attract a lot of scathing and cynical comments. Here are a few examples of the type of comments to expect:

  1. Why is it always the USA? It isn’t. It’s a global phenomena and we were reminded of this during the July 26 hearing. People think it’s USA-centric because they’re only exposed to USA-centric media.
  2. Why would ETs come here? It isn’t taken for granted that they are extraterrestrial, though that is not ruled out. They have been here all along. They may be interdimensional. They may be evidence of a holographic shadow.
  3. It’s all down to drug taking and natural phenomena. We’re past that kind of lazy dismissal now. There is radar and other electronic evidence as well as the testimony of sober, experienced professionals who put their reputation on the line to testify.

Reactions to the UFO Hearing

A congressional subcommittee heard sworn testimony last week from three impressive witnesses about dramatic, well-documented UFO encounters, classified UFO programs, and world changing evidence of non-human intelligence allegedly hidden from the public. Congress and the rest of the world were blown away by the testimony of distinguished military aviators CDR David Fravor and Lt. Ryan Graves, and by the explosive revelations from high-level (former) intelligence official David Grusch. How did the hearing come together? What happened behind the scenes? And most importantly, what happens next? Joining Jeremy and George for a roundtable discussion are two award-winning journalists and podcast producers Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel.


What next?

The ground has shifted and we’re in a different era. It will take time for the full effects to be felt, but there’s no going back to the way things were. Whatever conclusions you draw from what was entered into the record on July 26 2023, I suggest was the day on which the age of ridicule and denial ended forever.

We should also recall the amendment to the NDAA submitted by Senate Majority Leader Schumer – Legislation To Declassify Government Records Related To Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena & UFOs – Modeled After JFK Assassination Records Collection Act – As An Amendment To NDAA.

Imagine how things might look in 2024 if that amendment was introduced into law….

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Ufo Hearings 2023 - The Guardian
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