Ufo Phenomenon In 2024

The UFO Phenomenon in 2024: Where do we go from here?

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What do you think is going to happen in terms of the UFO phenomenon in 2024?

Think back 20 or even just 10 years and consider how attitudes to the UFO phenomenon have changed over that time.  There is still a lot of scepticism but things have moved forward in some great leaps, even if there have been some setbacks too. 

Recap Prior To UFO Phenomenon in 2024

Everything Changed in 2017

In 2017 we saw the release of three short videos that demonstrated how US Navy personnel were tracking UFOs in airspace around their fleets. We also saw the publication of news articles about these and other events that put the debate in the spotlight.

Subsequent to those videos and articles, US Navy pilots and other personnel gave their first hand accounts in interviews, and last year two of them repeated their witness testimonies under oath at a bipartisan congressional hearing. 

The 2023 US Congressional Hearing

At the same hearing, David Grusch, a former US Air Force officer and intelligence official, became a whistleblower, claiming the existence of a secretive UAP crash-retrieval and reverse-engineering program in the US government, suggesting the involvement of NHIs.

Since then we’ve seen various high-ranking individuals, including other former intelligence officials, voicing their support for the existence of UAPs and the claims of active crash-retrieval programs.

What this amounts to is a shift from anonymous sources to reliable individuals with verifiable identities and positions, lending more credibility to the UAP phenomenon.

Mainstream Media Still Dragging Its Feet

Despite all this, there is lingering silence in most of the mainstream media. The people who study the subject are amazed and frustrated by the lack of attention it draws from the media, even though many polls suggest that the reality of non-human intelligence is a widely held belief among the population at large, and the numbers are growing.

Perhaps this reluctance to talk openly about the subject on the mainstream channels is due to the fact that there is no single scientist or body of experts who can provide a convincing explanation of what is going on. 

Ufo Phenomenon In 2024 - More Crop Circles?

There’s More To This Than Flying Saucers

The lack of any certainty is partly due to the fact that there are two main aspects of the UFO phenomenon. The first is the conventional idea of extraterrestrial physical craft visiting Earth.  This idea persists as the main vision in the minds of most when the subject is mentioned.

But as many who study the subject know, and as direct experiencers will testify, there is another aspect involving high-strangeness or what might be called the supernatural, paranormal, or metaphysical aspect of UFOs.  One could argue that the dividing line between natural and supernatural is shifting in proportion to the raising or expanding of human consciousness.

As veteran research and author Dr. Jacques Vallée’s has reminded us over the years, our myths and legends may contain clues, and what we’re witnessing today may be a stage-managed awakening of human consciousness.  

Expanding Human Consciousness

Expanding Human Consciousness

It may be that we’re being woken up to the reality of other dimensions that have been there all along but which we only ever perceive in short bursts of raised consciousness.  For example, lucid dreaming, astral projection, visions, occult practices, deep meditation, trance, and the use of naturally occurring psychedelics. 

Just a few days ago I had a vivid dream of a charcoal grey shape shifting cloud in the sky outside my window, with a bright light behind it.  Later in the dream, two small white UFOs flew across the blue sky. I wonder how many other people are dreaming about UFOs but imagine that their dreams are insignificant. Could it be that these dreams are increasing in both occurrence and intensity?

Last year we were also informed by a couple of Brazilian Indians who, when shown images of grey aliens, said, “These are underground beings, big ants that take your spirit underground“. This calls to mind the myths of the Hopi Indians which also mention ant people.


Various Aliens With Differing Agendas

Another point that’s often overlooked by those outside the core research is that there may be several if not many different non-human intelligences interacting with us, each with their own agenda and at varying levels of technological advancement and empathy with the human race.

Then we have to contend with the prospect that some of these NHIs may not have our best interests at heart.  Some may be benign, but others may be at best indifferent, requiring careful diplomacy and negotiation, and perhaps a few are unfriendly in the sense that they see the human species as a primitive undeveloped resource to exploit. Some will recall Lue Elizondo’s ‘sombre’ comment in that respect. 

As yet, there are no conclusions to draw, but in 2024 we must hope that the foundations laid in previous years are firm enough to encourage more first hand witnesses and whistleblowers to come forward with fresh accounts.

Ufo Over The Countryside

We All Have A Part To Play

We must look to ourselves and our own consciousness. If we are to expand human consciousness in order to interact with non-human intelligences then it can be either an evolutionary process, a self-managed process, or it could be forced upon us. 

It could be that we’re moving into an era in which the veil between the worlds is drawn aside, not just as it is temporarily on Halloween, but permanently.

Whatever happens in the months and years ahead, a certain amount of self-reliance and community support would be advisable.  We can rely on our governments for competent action, transparency, and honesty.  It’s up to each individual, family, and community to develop the skills required to deal with what’s ahead, whatever form it takes.  

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