Ufology, Ufologists – Why You Should Pay For Their Work

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Ufology, Ufologists – Why You Should Pay For Their Work

In this video I talk about money, ufology, and why you should pay for books, conferences, and website subscriptions.

Since launching UfologyWeb.com in 2019 I’ve received some feedback from people suggesting that they are unwilling to pay for a course in ufology when all the material, they assume, is freely available online.

Others have said that a true ufologist is someone who has spent years doing their own research without any formal courses.

They think that you shouldn’t pay for a 12 week course and instead you should spend many months researching the subject for yourself, using books and online material.

I’ve also seen comments in various Facebook groups in which people question why they should pay for tickets to UFO conferences, website subscriptions, or anything else that UFO researchers produce.

The attitude seems to be that since YouTube and social media is free then everything else should be too.

They question those who appear to be making money from the subject.

So in this video I’m going to explain why the things you think are free come with a cost, why few people are getting rich with their research, and why you should consider paying for at least some content.

The True Cost Of Social Media.

Social media companies are private companies that provide a service for their users that seems to be free of charge.

You may not have to pay cash to use YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook but you pay in other ways.

You expose yourself to constant advertising and you provide these companies with your personal data which they then harvest for more advertising and the influence that this can control.

Social media is designed to suck you in and fix your attention on it so that you see as many adverts as possible.

Do you think social media is the bastion of free speech? Say something controversial or which doesn’t match the mindset of the company’s owners and watch what happens.

Remember, these are private businesses with their own rules and they owe you nothing.

For the content generators, all that free content you see on social media comes with a cost that is proportional to the length and complexity of the content.

A quick post with a picture takes a few seconds but videos like the one you’re watching now require a script, recording a narration, suitable imagery and video clips, editing, uploading, and finalising as a public video.

It takes time and effort and for some the work itself is rewarding.

Personally, I choose to do it and I’m not complaining because I enjoy it.

But some people seem to think that being a part-time YouTuber is the route to instant riches.

Continued in the video…

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