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The 10 most unique airline services you need to know about

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In a very competitive industry, airlines are continually dreaming up new and unique airline services that not only attract passengers but also turn them into loyal customers who book repeat journeys without considering other options provided by the competitors. 

A unique airline service can turn a single flight into a series of bookings by someone who is not only pleased to be associated with the brand but who also becomes an ambassador for it as they express their satisfaction in social media and elsewhere. Here are some of the ideas that have become established airline services that entice passengers back for more.

Airline Services

Private suites on board

Imagine having your own private space on a long-haul flight, complete with a comfortable bed, privacy doors, and a personal mini-bar. This is precisely what Singapore Airlines offers its first-class passengers on their Airbus A380. These private suites are ideal for passengers who want the ultimate luxury flying experience.

In-flight showers

For passengers on Emirates Airlines, long-haul flights don’t have to mean compromising personal hygiene. First-class passengers have the chance to freshen up with an in-flight shower. Each shower has five minutes of hot water and comes with a full set of amenities, including towels, shampoo, and shower gel.

On-board lounges

Do you remember seeing any of those ads from the 1960s and 1970s in which air passengers were relaxing, dining, and socialising in an abundance of space?  Well, you still can but only if you turn left on boarding or if you’re in business class, and only then if you’re flying long haul in an aircraft fitted with a lounge.  On some Etihad flights, business and first-class passengers can relax and socialise in the luxurious lounges, which feature comfortable seating, a full bar, and a snack menu.

In-flight entertainment systems

In-flight entertainment systems have come a long way since the days of shared screens and limited movie options. Today, airlines like Qatar Airways offer passengers the latest entertainment systems with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games.

In-flight chefs

Fine dining in the sky is not just a dream with airlines like Air France. The airline offers passengers the services of an in-flight chef who prepares meals to order. The menus are created using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and change seasonally.

Gategourmet - In-Flight Catering
Image by dominador from Pixabay

Pre-flight massages

A shoulder rub is pleasant but a massage by a professional therapist is a step way beyond. Thai Airways is one airline that offers its first-class passengers a pre-flight massage prior to boarding the aircraft. The service, known as “A Touch of Silk” is available at their hub airport in Bangkok. The massage is performed by a professional therapist in a private room in the Royal First Lounge of Bangkok’s Suvarmabhumi Airport.

Bedding and sleepwear

Sleeping on an aircraft doesn’t come easily to many.  The quality of the sleep is rarely as good as sleeping in a proper bed.  A comfortable seat that reclines and the right linen can make all the difference though.  British Airways provides business and first class passengers with high-quality bedding and sleepwear. The bedding includes a soft duvet, comfortable pillow, and a luxurious mattress topper, while the sleepwear is designed to be comfortable and breathable.

Wine tasting in the sky

Wine lovers can rejoice when flying with airlines like Air New Zealand. The airline offers passengers the chance to taste a range of wines from New Zealand’s top vineyards. The in-flight wine-tasting experience includes a selection of cheeses and canapés to complement the wines.

Pet-friendly services

Travelling with pets can be stressful, but some airlines like Virgin Atlantic offer pet-friendly services. The airline provides pet owners with comfortable carriers, special meals, and water bottles, ensuring that pets have a stress-free and comfortable flight.

Kids’ clubs and activities

Travelling with children can be challenging, but some airlines like Qantas offer kids’ clubs and activities to keep them entertained on long-haul flights. The activities include games, movies, and arts and crafts, while the kids’ clubs provide a dedicated space for children to play and socialise.

Unique Airline Services
Image by Ashish Bhave from Pixabay


What makes an airline stand out?

Airlines that offer unique services that enhance the flying experience stand out from the rest. As this post has described, there are all kinds of airline services that do the trick, but equally there’s the brand to consider. One should never underestimate the power of the airline’s brand, its livery, and its logo.  

What can airlines do to attract customers?

Airlines need to provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience. This can include offering unique services like those mentioned above, as well as providing high-quality food and drink, comfortable seating, and excellent customer service from their flight attendants and ground staff. Ask yourself which is more memorable; the flight with the exceptional in-cabin experience or the one in which you were treated with indifference or even discourtesy?  How will both affect your decision to fly on that airline again? 

Airlines can also attract customers by offering competitive pricing, loyalty programs, and partnerships with other companies that offer added value to customers.

What are the characteristics of airline services?

The characteristics  of airline services include comfort, safety, convenience, and efficiency. Airlines have to balance the budget needed to provide these characteristics against the potential gain in revenue that may result from the investment. 

What are the two types of airline service?

The two types of airline service are full-service airlines and low-cost airlines. Full-service airlines offer the wide range of services and amenities that we’ve come to expect from major airlines and that are included in the ticket price; food and drinks, in-flight entertainment, and baggage handling.  Low-cost airlines offer a more basic service at a lower cost, and charge extra for ancillary services.

What are five examples of an airline and airport services?

Five examples of airline and airport services include:

  1. Baggage handling
  2. In-flight meals and drinks
  3. Duty-free shopping
  4. Lounge access
  5. Wi-Fi and internet access.
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