USB condenser microphone set – Uhuru UM-900

My recommended kit for YouTubers and Podcasters:

USB condenser microphone set – Uhuru UM-900

In this video I review the Uhuru microphone and podcast kit.

This is the UM-900 professional USB condenser microphone set for podcasting, recording YouTube video narrations, and live video broadcasts.

So it’s suitable for YouTubers, vloggers, podcasters, voiceover artists, and anyone else who needs a good quality microphone for home or office voice recording.

And of course it can be used for other PC applications like Skype.

Right from the start, the branding and packaging of this kit looks and feels professional.

Opening the box we find the kit in two layers. First we find the pop filter and windscreen cap.

Underneath we find the rest of the kit, the mic itself, the shock clamp, the USB cable, the mic stand, and the table clamp.

Assembling the kit is easy and intuitive, so you’ll have yours up and ready within a few minutes.

The mic can be positioned pointing up or down – there’s no right or wrong way, it’s whatever suits you and your desktop layout.

However, whichever way you prefer, you need to have the Uhuru logo facing you and clear of the clamp as that indicates the front of the mic and therefore the pick-up area of the cardioid pattern.

You’ll need a flat fixed surface on which to fit the clamp, so give that some thought before you make your purchase.

The USB cable is long and sturdy, and can be tidied away using the provided velcro strap.

My Windows 10 PC recognised the mic immediately and I had no trouble getting it to work.

As most people are aware, the pop filter is required for suppressing the jet of air that is expelled when people pronounce their p’s, b’s, and k’s.

You’ll need to experiment with distances in order to find the optimum position and level for your desk and room acoustics.

This goes for the boom arm as well as the pop filter.

For the past three years I’ve built a YouTube channel using an iRig mic with a conventional desktop stand with a heavy base.

This has worked fine but it has its limitations.

For example, the stands reach means that I have to sit very close the desk in order to be close the microphone.

The Uhuru UM-900 solves this problem with its clamp and flexible arm which extends the reach of the mic to exactly where I want it.

As you can hear, as I have of course recorded this using the Uhuru mic, the sound quality is excellent.

The Uhuru UM-900 professional USB condenser microphone kit is very affordable and would make an ideal gift for a budding broadcaster in your family.

The Uhuru UM-900 is currently available from Amazon at £64.99 in the UK. Check your country’s Amazon store for latest prices.

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