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I’ve reduced my use of Facebook down to about 1% of what it used to be and here I give 7 reasons why you should quit Facebook too. My criticisms of Facebook could be applied to other forms of social media including those in which I’m still active, like Twitter,Continue Reading

Online games need not be a total waste of time. It just depends on how long you spend playing them and which games you choose. About thirty years ago I borrowed an old PC and used to pass some time playing a text only turn based game. Make the rightContinue Reading

When you need to perform calculations which do you prefer?  Handheld desktop calculators or online calculators?  Personally I tend to use both; the former for the quick multiplication and division calculations and the latter for more complex calculations like mortgages. I suspect many do likewise because we never learned toContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor It was revealed at this week’s launch of South Africa’s 2021 “Easter Road Safety” campaign, that the country’s Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is investing in drone technology to help identify “road hazards”, reports South Africa’s Department of Transport explained that deploying drones will assist inContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor The Daily Telegraph in a trumpeted ‘Exclusive’ says the UK Government is discussing plans for entanglement devices looking more like “Spiderman webs” to be employed to prevent another catastrophic drone incident like the one at Gatwick in December 2018. “Spiderman-style webs fired at drones to bring themContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor In Hangzhou, Capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, traffic congestion is a serious problem, so medical workers are seeking new ways to improve deliveries for medical emergencies between hospitals, reports Last week, a white, six-axis drone, carrying several blood bags and ice packs, arrived at theContinue Reading

Meet Anton (70), who is certain that we’re regularly being visited by alien life. With presenter Tim they go searching for UFO’s and aliens. When Anton was 23 years old, he saw some noiseless orbs skimming over him in the sky . Since then he has seen such apparitions more often and is convinced that there are aliens on Earth. He has even spoken to one – after all, many aliens have human forms. Anton is charting where and when the creatures appear on Earth.

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Your opinion?Not Alien (0)Continue Reading

By Chris Stonor News emerged this week at a leisurely amble rather than the sprint of recent months. Monday included a Zoom interview with Sonet Kock as part of the Drones.R.Africa “trailblazing women” series, Jetoptera and its innovative propulsion system was awarded a contract by the USAF,  Airbus UAM HeadsContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor A new and ground-breaking anti-littering campaign was announced this week, supported by McDonald’s and the company’s key suppliers, employing drone technology and AI, reports The aim is to assist the South Coast Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Councils (BCP) tackle litter during what is expected to beContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor Extensive UAM flight tests are to be held in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse during 2022, reports The project called Tactical Instrumental Deconfliction and Inflight Resolution (TindAIR), is to be overseen by French artificial intelligence specialist Innov’ATM on behalf of Eurocontrol’s Single European Sky ATM ResearchContinue Reading

The Demand and Capacity Optimisation for U-space programme (DACUS project) has published its Concept of Operations for “Demand and Capacity Balancing” (DCB) for drones within an urban environment. As part of its studies, the DACUS consortium has estimated how many take off and landing areas (TOLAs) might be needed inContinue Reading

By Chris Stonor The link below takes you to two different and lengthy podcasts covering UAM around Europe from EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East and partners. Professional and very informative, leading lights from the expanding industry are interviewed. The English language podcasts come highly recommended and are well worthContinue Reading