Watch video: Royal Marines showcase “super drones” to airlift wounded and carry ammo/supplies

By Chris Stonor

In the video below, two “super drones” were recently tested by Royal Marines in Cyprus described by military leaders as “warfare game-changers”, reports

The first, manufactured by Maidenhead firm Malloy Aeronautics, is capable of carrying up to 400 lb of equipment including resupplies of ammunition and food. There are also plans to develop the craft to ferry wounded troops to safety.

 The drone dubbed the T-400, is described as the “pick-up truck of the air”. It flies autonomously and has a range of up to 43 miles. Royal Marines Major Kris Dawson explained, “Resupply has always been guys carrying stuff and running it forward from the rear echelons, but these drones can bridge pretty significant gaps and could be an absolute game-changer.”

Another unmanned craft featured in the video is nicknamed  “Ghost”, an autonomous operated mini-type helicopter developed by Silicon Valley start-up Anduril.

This can fly distances of around 12.5 miles from the operator, and up to 3,000ft above sea level. Carrying thermal imaging cameras, the almost silent drone can capture footage of enemy combatants or encampments from a far distance.

Forces News presenter, Briohny Williams, commented, “The game-changer with this is the software. An operator can use a computer program to set instructions for the drone to follow, which then notifies the said operator of any possible threat, without a person having to constantly scan video feeds.”

The eventual goal is to develop a system that allows one commander to control “a swarm of drones” from a single workstation. The platform can be located either on land or at sea.

Troops on the ground could also gain information fed back to them via chest-mounted tablets called Android Tactical Assaults Kits (ATAK). It is no surprise that UK military leaders are increasingly becoming excited by the on-going development of small drones and their potential.

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