What Do Airline Pilots Do? Commercial Pilot Life, Pilot Pay, Hours

What Do Airline Pilots Do? Commercial Pilot Life, Pilot Pay, Hours

In this video I list the duties and responsibilities of commercial airline pilots.

The answer to the question ‘What do airline pilots do?’ may seem obvious. They fly the aircraft and post selfies on Instagram.

That’s right, isn’t it?

Well, there’s a little more to it than that.

For a start, any pilot is part of a crew, usually of two on short haul routes.

There will be a Captain, the senior pilot who has overall responsibility for the flight.

The Captain’s responsibilities include not only the practicalities of the flight itself but also the safety of all crew and passengers.

He or she will be supported by a First Officer, a less experienced pilot.

They will share the flying duties in order to give each other rest breaks.

Long haul flights may have three or even four pilots aboard.

Duties & Responsibilities

All pilots will be familiar with the processes required to carry out the following pre and post flight checks:

Continued in the video…


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