What Do Solfeggio Frequencies Do?

What do Solfeggio frequencies do?

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What do Solfeggio frequencies do?” That’s a good question, particularly since I’m writing this with my headset on listening to some music that supposedly contains Solfeggio frequencies, but more so because they’re attracting a lot of attention these days. Let’s see if we can answer this question.

Ever since I first started listening to music through my wired headphones over 40 years I’ve wondered at the effect of sound on my brain. We all know that music can transport you to another place. It’s an art form that makes you feel differently, like a painting or a sculpture that resonates with you, and just as visual art appeals to different people in a variety of ways so too does music in all its many forms. Rock or reggae may lift your spirits while another person hears only noise.

However, the sounds in my earphones right now, although music of a kind, are not melodic. There is a background hum, with waves of other sound flowing in and out, and another track of notes with no rythmn on top. It’s not a song though it is music of sorts. I’m listening to it because it’s calming and because it helps me to focus. Is that due to the pleasant sound that’s filtering out background noises or is there some science to this?

Can sound really heal?

I think you already know that the answer is yes, it can. The question is, “To what extent can sound heal?” Sound can heal and it can hurt too. A mother’s lullaby soothes and induces sleep, the crying of a tired and hungry baby causes tension, and death metal played loud in a prison cell is a form of torture. Total silence can be unsettling for some. We’re used to having at least some background noise even if it’s just birdsong in the distance, the wind in the trees outside, or the traffic and other urban sounds.

Sound Healing With Bronze Singing Bowls
Bronze singing bowl

Sound healing is the intentional use of sound vibrations in order to speed up recover from an illness or injury, or to reduce stress or emotional pain. Sound healing can be used to heal the mind, body, and spirit through various techniques. There are many tools that can be used for sound healing depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

One of the most common items are (bronze) singing bowls. Tuning forks can also be used to create vibrations for sound healing. There are dozens of ways to use sound as a means for healing. It is up to the individual who is seeking the treatment to find what works best for them, and it’s important not be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find one that resonates with you.

The most common sound used for sound therapy or sound healing is Aum or Om. It is said that om resonates with the vibrations of the universe.

And resonance is the key word. When things resonate at the same frequency they become aligned, they come in synch i.e. synchronised. There’s a lot to explore here and it links in with other subjects; the mathematics of music, sacred geometry, numerology.

What are Solfeggio frequencies and where do they come from?

The Solfeggio frequencies comprise an ancient 6-tone scale. Musical and other historians believe this scale has been used in sacred music for hundreds of years. It’s what gives certain music its beautiful, goosebump-inducing power, like Gregorian Chants for example.

The six solfège musical notes do not correspond to the six pitch classes of the modern minor or major scales. Instead they originally referred through their names to various parts of a choir. The semitones were at first outside of the system of solmization, but later became associated withthe solfège syllables based on their position in the scale.

What Do Solfeggio Frequencies Do?
BioSonics tuning forks

The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio frequency is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

By using sound vibration with Solfeggio frequencies you can change the energetic matrix within which DNA moves, restructures itself, allowing our bodies to heal themselves. The solfeggio tones are used in conjunction with specific frequencies that target diseased tissue for example, or work on organs or glands, etc. The Solfeggio tone combined with this powerful frequency acts like a magic wand to facilitate miraculous shifts.

The original solfeggio scale has been attributed to the Italian Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo (c991 AD – c1050 AD). In September 1996, a series of six Solfeggio frequencies from the original Solfeggio scale were compiled and put to use by Solfeggio sound healers and musicians in different parts of the planet. These Solfeggios were:

  • UT (396 Hz)
  • RE (417 Hz)
  • MI (528 Hz)
  • FA (639 Hz)
  • SOL (741 Hz)
  • LA (852 Hz)

The Solfeggios appeared to work like magic wands for healing purposes. People immediately started using them with reportedly great results.

What are the benefits of using Solfeggio frequencies in your daily life?

Solfeggio frequencies can be used to relax, meditate, or study. Songs using Solfeggio frequencies may help you sleep better and improve your concentration while studying. The Solfeggio frequency for “C” is an effective tool for sound healing and meditation because it resonates at 432 hertz which has been shown to organize water molecules in the body improving cellular health and decreasing feelings of stress.

How can you start using Solfeggio frequencies to improve your health and well-being today?

Each of the six frequencies has a specific purpose, property, or intent:

  • UT 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear. It is said to break up guilt chains of energy within your body created by past experiences. A 432 hz tuning fork can also be used for this purpose.
  • RE 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change. This frequency puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to change your life. You can find this frequency in the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.
  • MI 528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair). The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is known as “Miracle” or “DNA Repair” note. The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is said to create miracles and help with spiritual regrowth. This frequency repairs DNA and heals cells so this may be a good one to play on your meditation or yoga practice if you are looking for some specific results.
  • FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships. FA 639 Hz encourages creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Tone ‘Fa’ can be used for dealing with relationship problems – those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. When talking about cellular processes, FA 639 Hz frequency can be used to encourage the cell to communicate with its environment.
  • SO 741 Hz Expression/Solutions. S O L means “a solution”. It cleans the cell (“Solve polluti“) from the toxins. Frequent use of 741 Hz leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to changes in diet towards foods whichare not poisoned by various kinds of toxins. Tone ‘Sol’ cleans the cell from different kinds of electromagnetic radiations.
  • LA 852 HzReturning to Spiritual Order. Tone ‘La’ is linked to your ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places and things. This frequency can be used as means for opening a person up for communication with the all-embracing Spirit. It raises awareness and lets you return to spiritual order. Regarding cellular processes, 852 Hz enables the cell to transform itself into a system of higher level. This frequency is also connected with the protection of the planet and often used for it by various light workers

Additional research has been conducted since this scale was compiled, most notably by Dr. Leonard Horowitz who has suggested that there are three additional tones:

  • SI 963 Hz
  • 174 Hz
  • 285 Hz

The six frequencies also have their correspondence with the six main chakras:

  1. UT 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear (First Chakra)
  2. RE 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change (Second Chakra)
  3. MI 528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) (Third Chakra)
  4. FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships (Fourth Chakra)
  5. SOL 741 Hz Awakening Intuition (Fifth Chakra)
  6. LA 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order (Sixth Chakra)

Are there any risks associated with using Solfeggio frequencies?

The number of people who experience health benefits from using Solfeggio frequencies is growing every day. However, it could be that there are some very minor risks associated with using these frequencies, especially when one tries to heal someone else. Currently it isn’t illegal in most countries to treat another person with sound, but once you try to heal another with sound you inevitably induce the responsibilies common to a healer/patient relationship.

Solfeggio frequencies have been shown to influence the body’s energy field. The ability of sound waves to affect this energy field is what enables these frequencies to potentially heal. However, this same energy field can be influenced in negative ways, however well intentioned the treatment.

It is important that anyone using Solfeggio frequencies keeps their own frequencies balanced and clean. If one uses these frequencies often, then it is very important to clear frequencies regularly so as not to interfere with their own energy fields. The best way to do this is through using meditations designed for clearing one’s energy field.

What’s the difference between binaural beats, isochronic tones, Solfeggio frequencies, and subliminal sounds?

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are composed of two simple tones played separately into each ear. The difference between their frequencies must be less than 30 Hz . The sound used is generally unstructured sound, tones, or noise.

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are similar to binaural beats in that they deal with sound frequencies. However, they produce sound through a short burst of sound rather than continuous sound as im the case of binaurals beats. Isochronic sound is believed to make the brain more receptive to suggestion

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio frequencies are sound healing tones. The sound of the tone is more important than the instrument used to create it. Solfeggio tones can be sung, played on a guitar or other instrument, orsimply chanted

Subliminal Sounds

A subliminal message is a sequence of sound with no semantic meaning. It is meant to pass below the normal limits of auditory perception. They are usually used in marketing or self-help tapes, but they are also used for sound healing. The sound can be made by choosing different frequencies and masks so that it does not sound like sound therapy .

A mask basically consists of two different frequencies mixed together. The sound is completely hidden in the sound of another sound so it will not be heard by people who do not know how to distinguish the frequencies.

What do Solfeggio frequencies do for neurofeedback?

One of the best-known uses of Solfeggio frequencies is in a technique called light and sound therapy. This technique uses a combination of synthetic sound and light that claims to have effects on reducing stress, sleep issues, pain relief, and more. The specific point in using this method is to create brain wave entrainment through the process of frequency following response.

In a 2013 study, researchers found that light and sound therapy had a positive effect on pain management at the beginning of a headache compared to non-solfeggio frequencies. They also discovered evidence of increased alpha brainwave activity among subjects who were exposed to higher doses of Solfeggio tones.

Solfeggio frequencies are also used in neurofeedback, an alternative medicine technique that allows people to use brain feedback to self-regulate their moods. The technique of using Solfeggio tones is controversial, especially given the fact that it was developed before the benefits of alpha brainwaves were understood. Now more research is being done on neurofeedback, using Solfeggio frequencies to achieve quicker results, in places like Australia.

Many people believe that through the use of Solfeggio frequencies, one can increase their intuition and creativity. Enthusiasts have created all kinds of different methods for achieving enhanced awareness via sound healing based around Solfeggio frequencies. One idea is to listen to certain tones while sleeping in order to increase dream activity and intuition. Another method is to listen to the tones during meditation, in order to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Now you know what Solfeggio frequencies do

Now you know what Solfeggio frequenices do perhaps you’re ready to start experimenting on yourself. The worst that can happen is that you spend a little money and buy some meditation sounds but potentially you could be about to download some sounds that have a transformative effect.

There are several sites specialising in Solfeggio frequency sounds and many others that include them in their repositories.

Note: Some of the above are affiliate links. It makes no difference to the price you pay if you make a purchase.

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