What Have Aliens Come To Teach Us?

What have aliens come to teach us?

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People have been sniggering at anyone interested in the UFO phenomena for years and I can understand why.  “What have aliens come to teach us?“, the ask in a cynical tones. The subject does indeed attract deluded fantasists, charlatans, and mischievous hoaxers but at its core are the dedicated researchers who have the education, persistence, and skills to carry out invaluable investigation.  Unlike scientists working for the government, the military, or commercial enterprises they are funded by their own output and occasional private sponsors. 

However, there are also two forms of conditioning which make you roll your eyes and exchange glances when someone shows signs of being interested in the subject, or when you yourself feel yourself drawn to look over the edge of the cliff into the valley below. 

Fear is the mind-killer

First, the fear of ridicule. Why would you want to draw attention to yourself and risk losing credibility and perhaps the respect of your colleagues, friends, and family by entertaining these ideas even for a hypothetical discussion?  To admit to an interest is taking a risk.  It could not only have a detrimental effect on how people perceive you socially but in your career as well.  If you work in a professional capacity or in academic circles you risk losing your credibility and the respect of your peers.

Second, the fear of opening Pandora’s Box.  Let’s be honest, it’s a scary thought. The very idea that there may be non-human intelligent lifeforms visiting the planet or even travelling between dimensions would have an impact on not only your sense of reality but also all of Earth’s religions and economies and the fabric of what we call society and civilisation. 

For some, the very idea that physical non-human spacecraft exist is just about as far as they can stretch their imagination and credulity.

The interdimensional hypothesis is just too far out for some, even if it did provide some evidence to support the idea of multiple planes of existence as described by various esoteric schools of religious and occult thought.

The results of experiments into remote viewing (RV) suggest that there are not only many dimensions but all kinds of intelligences too. Some are said to be benign, a few malevolent, and others simply as interested in us as we are in a parrot species that lives in the Amazon jungle i.e. not very much but they do drop in from time to time to see how we’re getting along.

If it were confirmed that our home planet is and has been visited by alien beings for millennia it would undermine all the certainty that makes us feel safe. That alone would be unsettling to say the least, and that’s before we get to the subject of experiencers, those who claim to have interacted with non-human lifeforms.

How would you react?

Imagine you’re in a room full of people, mingling and socialising when it dawns on you that you’re the least educated person in the room.  Not only that but you’re surrounded by people whose intellect and experience is years beyond anything you’ve ever achieved.  It would be perfectly understandable if you felt a little inadequate, perhaps a little intimidated to be among such shining examples of brilliant minds, even if they showed you courtesy and respect.

Now imagine you’re in the company of beings who are thousands of years ahead of you on the evolutionary scale.  They think faster than you can comprehend, and possess skills and have had experiences that are beyond your imagination. Suddenly your feelings of inadequacy among your human intellectual superiors are tiny in comparison to the sensations you now feel in the company of such beings. 

They have the ability to read your mind and peer into the depths of your soul.  Looking into their large dark eyes you feel yourself losing control of everything. Far from being superior, if a little intimidating they are more like demigods.

As if this wasn’t enough their physical appearance is startling.  Do you remember the first time you saw someone with a severe facial deformity?  What was your reaction?  Perhaps you eventually got used to it but again, it’s nothing compared to seeing beings that may have some similarities to ourselves but are so unfamiliar, so alien that they may be more than a little startling.

What if their features repulse you?  What if their skin and smell is shockingly odd? It could be very frightening for all kinds of reasons but what if their interest in us is ultimately benign?

Sometimes those that come to help us grow or to educate us can make us feel very uncomfortable even though their motives are essentially altruistic.  Tough love isn’t always a pleasant experience even if we look back in later years and realise its value.

Some experiencers have reported pleasant, perhaps even euphoric experiences. Others speak of their abject terror, and there appears to be a full spectrum of reactions.

Groan, not that again

Yes, it’s far easier to make a tired old joke about little green men and play some woo-woo music before getting back to familiar and comfortable distractions.  You only have to watch what happens on your local TV or radio station the next time they cover a UFO sighting to see how the game plays out.

But things are changing and pretty soon everyone is going to have to get used to some extraordinary shifts in perception.

One thing that unites us all is that we all have to face the biggest change in perception of all – death, or at least the death of our physical bodies.

For some, what follows is an eternity of oblivion.  For the religious there are the descriptions of an afterlife that brings them comfort. For others there is the belief, hope, or conviction of a continuation of consciousness, not as the personality that left the Earth but as some essence that has shed not only its physical body but its persona too.

It may be that the UFO phenomena can bring some clarity into this area.  It may be that the lessons that our alien visitors have come to each us are not just about ending wars and preventing us for ruining this precious planet, but about death, dying, and the dimensions beyond.

What Have Aliens Come To Teach Us?
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay
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