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What do you need?

Perhaps I can help.

I’ve been online since the 1990s and I’ve picked up a few skills along the way. Below is a list of what I can provide. If what you require isn’t shown, send me a message and explain what you need.

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Content Creation For You

Text: in the form of blog posts and articles. It might be a one-off, a series, or regular content creation on an indefinite basis.

Images: in the form of AI generated images. You tell me what you envisage and I’ll create a prompt that brings your vision to life.

Videos: in the form of introductions, ads, training, etc. Nothing conveys a message faster than a narrated video. Scroll down for more details.

WordPress Websites

It’s easy to throw up a website, but it’s not so easy to create the functions and features that you need or want. If you want a stable, secure, error-free, fast-loading website that looks as good on a mobile phone as it does on a large screen then you may need to ask someone to help with the task of building it and managing it.

On top of the design, build, and functions there’s the on-page and off-page SEO. A great website is useless if people don’t visit it.

For your website needs I can provide these services:

  • Domain registration. Get your name registered and secured.
  • Website hosting. Secure and stable hosting makes all the difference.
  • WordPress websites. The world’s most popular website building platform.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO – three letters that mean so much. Good SEO will greatly increase the chances of your website being found by those seeking what you have to offer. Bad SEO will ensure your site remains on page 42 of the search engine results, never to be seen.

Beware those who make promises, take your cash, and disappear. Get some straightforward advice about SEO audits, changes, and services that will put your website on track for improved results.

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A few clients I’ve worked with

Legacy Aviation Logo
Andrewsfield Aviation Logo
Flight Simulators Midlands Logo
Bristol Aviator Watches Logo
Drone Major Group Logo

A few of the testimonials I’ve received

“Ben was quick to offer solutions to our SEO goals and ended up creating content using the latest AI tools along with his SEO skills. Very responsive and friendly.”

Neil Reeve-Newson, NRN Global

“Ben made a fantastic promotional video for us. He did it quickly and with minimal input. I would highly recommend giving him a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Greg Youngs, Bristol Watch Company

“Ben has provided a number of videos for us, all of which have been of the highest quality. Always available, very responsive and extremely professional.”

Robert Garbett, Drone Major Group

What You Can Do With AI Videos

Virtual Assistants: Enhance customer service with AI-driven avatars for queries and support.
Interactive Tutorials: Create step-by-step AI video guides for product usage and customer education.
Personalised Video Messages: Use AI for customised marketing messages to boost brand loyalty.
Product Demos: Showcase product features and benefits through AI-generated videos.
Employee Onboarding: Standardise new hire training with interactive AI video modules.
Automated Data Summaries: Present complex data findings in easily digestible AI video formats.
Virtual Try-On: Improve e-commerce experiences with AI avatars for virtual product trials.
AI-Powered Recommendations: Utilise AI videos for personalised product suggestions in e-commerce.
Automated Vlogging: Consistently generate video content for blogs or social media.
Language Translation: Make content globally accessible with AI-driven video translation services.
Emergency Updates: Use AI videos for rapid dissemination of critical information during crises.

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