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FreshStore Reviews: Adding My Input To the Growing List of Amazon Affiliate Stores

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There a growing number of FreshStore reviews emerging and it’s not hard to see why. I’ve also been adding a new section to my portfolio of websites.  The section is an Amazon affiliate store using a platform called Freshstore.  It’s a versatile, easy to use, and exciting new product that harnesses the power of generative AI to create unique affiliate stores. Here is my review of this software and all that it can do.

Years ago, I tried to boost my affiliate sales in the same way by adding stores to my websites or building stand-alone stores using some software called associate-o-matic. This also was an Amazon store builder but it lacked the one key ingredient that we have at our disposal today and that is generative AI. 

History of Amazon Affiliate Stores

Generative Ai Building Affiliate Stores

The history of Amazon store building dates back to the mid 2000’s. There have been various attempts at creating a product that easily produces affiliate stores populated with products in a way that is easy for non-programmers and non-technical people. Fresh Labs is the company behind Freshstore and it is a product that they rebuilt based on previous products in 2023.

About ten or fifteen years ago, my associate-o-matic stores didn’t so well. The software that has been developed since has been through several incarnations. All you need to know now is that FreshStore provides you with the means to create unique Amazon (and eBay, Walmart, Etsy and AliExpress) stores quickly and easily. 

It contains functions that enable you to regenerate all the content, from the page titles and meta descriptions to the product descriptions, articles, and article categories, using AI. Gone are the days of having to painstakingly write out product descriptions in order to make them unique, or having to hire someone to do it for you. 

Example of a Freshstore Amazon Affiliate Site

But rather than have me explain it all to you, take a look at my store for this site:

In this example I’ve used a subdomain for my store, but you can use a main domain or a vanity domain provided by FreshStore in your dashboard if you prefer. 

You can see that I’ve built a store that matches the theme of my blog.  I’ve added categories, products, and articles that I think would be of interest to anyone interested in air travel and aviation generally.  I will be adding more of these soon.

Freshstore Reviews - A Growing Trend

All those dull but necessary pages are built for me; privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc, but the About page requires a little bit of time spent on it.  This page is more important than some people realise and it’s worth creating something that accurately reflects the purpose and mission of the site, or store in this case.

It’s a work in progress and the temptation is to tweak it more and more and to add dozens of more products, but I think it’s probably wiser to create a store with a reasonable number of products and then work on adding better articles first.  

What Do FreshStore Reviews Say About SEO?

Seo For Affiliate Stores

Then comes the all important on-page SEO task of cross linking the articles to products and the store pages to your main blog.  This is the only area I’ve found so far that is lacking in this product but the Freshstore team assure me that this is a function that will be added in time.

In the meantime, I’ve found one workaround using the WordPress plugin Link Whisper, which is already installed and functioning in my main site.  By using the auto-linking function in this tool I can set up an automatic function whereby certain keywords or phrases used in blog posts in the main site are automatically linked to articles, categories, or specific products in the store section.  

Whether you do as I have, use a subdomain, or build it using a main domain or vanity domain, you’ve still got to build something with both on-page and off-page SEO firmly in mind if it’s to have any chance of getting indexed and then ranked by Google and the other search engines. So there’s still work to be done, but the actual construction of the site, and the populating of it with unique SEO friendly content, is done for you using generative AI.

Freshtore Subscription Plans and Support

There’s a helpful FreshStore Mastermind Facebook group in which you can ask questions, make suggestions, and share tips with other store owners.  

There is a free trial, so start with that. Then you can choose the Hobbyist subscription plan with just one store for about £30 per month, or if you’re more amibitous, try one of the other upgrades.  I’m on the Tycoon subscription plan which allows me to create ten stores.  Construction of all ten is under way and is at various stages of completion but they are all functional already. 

For those with more resources there is the Emperor plan (30 stores) and the Magnate plan (100) stores.  Prices vary according to monthly or annual payment plans so I recommend you visit the site and check what deals or offers are available too. 

Below is a list of all the key features of an Amazon affiliate store builder.  FreshStore meets all these requirements without exception.

Key Features Required of an Affiliate Store Builder

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