Construction Photography With Drones Scaled

The Importance of Construction Photography using Drones

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Construction photography using drones is a way of capturing images and videos of construction projects that can be used for a variety of purposes, including the creation of 2D mapping and 3D models, marketing, and documentation of the project from beginning to completion.

Construction Photograpy for Record Keeping

Construction photography is important for documenting the progress of a project. Photos can be taken at different stages of construction, such as before demolition, during construction, and after completion. This can be helpful for showing the before-and-after of a project, or for highlighting the differences between what was planned and what was actually implemented.

Construction photography is also a method of record keeping and hazard prevention on a construction site.

Construction Photography for Marketing

Construction photography can also be used to capture vibrant images to be used in marketing materials. Professional construction photographers can capture the unique features of a construction project and show potential buyers what the finished product will look like. This can be a powerful selling tool, especially for complex or large construction projects.

Professional executed and produced construction photography is a way of showing off the beautiful architecture and the fine attention to detail that cannot be seen from ground level with the naked eye. It captures images and videos of areas of the exterior and interior of buildings that are invisible to anyone on the ground and only ever seen by the builders and other contractors who worked on the project.

Choosing Construction Photographers

Construction photography is a specialized field, and there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a construction photographer.

First, it’s important to make sure the photographer has the relevant experience photographing construction sites. This is not something you’ll want to do yourself and don’t hire someone just to take snaps. They need to know how to distinguish between what is important and what is irrelevant.

Second, be sure to discuss your specific needs and expectations with the photographer in advance. You’ll be paying a fee for their expert services so be sure to describe in full your expectations. The photographer will then be able to tell you what is and what is not possible, and will probably be able to suggest some angles and captures that you had not considered.

Third, be sure to ask for samples of the photographer’s previous work. This will give you a good idea of their style and quality.

The Importance Of Construction Photography Using Drones
Construction project photography captured using drones
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Construction Photography Using Drones

Aerial photography and videography using drones have revolutionized construction photography. The drone technology has generated a whole new industry in which drone pilots can create 2D plans and 3D models of construction sites.

Drones offer a unique aerial perspective that was very difficult to capture just a decade or more ago. If you’re considering hiring a construction photographer, they should be capable of flying drones professionally and legally.

Some construction companies have taken the expertise in house and employed professional photographers as part of the team. Others continue to task contractors with the the job of capturing construction photos.

Types of Drones used for Construction Photography

There are a few different types of drones that are commonly used for aerial photography in the construction industry. The important thing is to use the aerial vehicle that’s appropriate to the task.

The most common type of drone is the quadcopter. Quadcopters are small, lightweight drones that are easy to fly and which have a number of preprogrammed safety features to prevent loss due to loss of signal or higher than expected winds. e.g. the ‘return to home’ function.

Another type of drone that is becoming increasingly popular for much larger projects that require construction photography is the fixed-wing drone. Fixed-wing drones are larger and heavier than quadcopters, but they can stay in the air for longer periods of time and cover greater distances.

Finally, there are also multirotor drones. These might be six or eight rotor drones. Multirotor drones are heavier and more stable and can carry more payload weight than quadcopters e.g. bigger and better cameras, but they are not as maneuverable.

DIY Construction Photography

If the law in your local area allows it, you can be your own construction photographer by using a drone to check the quality and the detail of the work you’ve carried out on your own property or any other work carried out be building contractors.

For best results, practice your drone flying skills in close proximity to the building at different times of the day. The shadows cast by eaves, chimneys, and scaffolding may obsure the very aspect you’re trying to capture.


Construction photography is an important part of documenting and marketing construction projects. When hiring a photographer for your project, it’s important to make sure they are experienced in photographing construction sites and that they understand your specific needs. Drones offer a unique perspective for capturing aerial photos and videos of construction sites and should be considered for larger projects. The data and imagery captured may be the key to securing future clients.

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