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How to gain a private pilot licence, how to use it for fun and recreation, and how to start a career in aviation.

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    who this course is for:

    • People thinking about learning to fly
    • People who love looking at aircraft
    • People thinking of starting a career in aviation
    • People of all ages who want to have fun in aircraft of all types

    What is it all about?

    I learned to fly over 30 years ago and in this course I present you with advice and tips based on my personal experience of gaining a Private Pilots Licence (or License/Certificate as it is called in the USA). This is a course designed to inspire and motivate you rather than a technical course covering specific parts of the PPL syllabus.

    Great things are ahead in aviation. We are already seeing the first all-electric aircraft and soon there will bigger hybrids and electrically powered aircraft in our skies travelling further and carrying more passengers. The era of Urban Air Mobility has begun and we'll soon see commuter aircraft with vertical take-off capabilities travelling between cities. All these aircraft will need new pilots!

    Join me on this course as I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Pilot's Licence, general aviation, commerical aviation, and the aviation industry.