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Norse Atlantic UK Reviews: Flight Experiences Aboard This Airline

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To follow up from my post earlier this month, here is a list of Norse Atlantic UK reviews.  In the time that has passed since the first post, more air passenger reviews have come to light.  If you’re considering a transatlantic journey soon, this article will provide you with additional info to help with your decision.

Norse Atlantic Airways is a low-cost long-haul carrier based in Oslo, Norway.  Launched in 2022, it’s fleet includes the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners in which you can book a Premium Economy or Economy seat. For more background information please read my previous Norse Atlantic Airways Review post.  

ICAO and IATA Codes

Here are the ICAO and IATA codes for Norse Atlantic Airways and its UK and USA subsidiaries:

Norse Atlantic Airways (parent airline)
– ICAO code: NBO 
– IATA code: N0

Norse Atlantic UK 
– ICAO code: NUK
– IATA code: N0

Norse Atlantic USA
– ICAO code: NUS
– IATA code: N0

To summarize:

  • Norse Atlantic Airways (parent) uses ICAO code NBO and IATA code N0
  • Its UK subsidiary Norse Atlantic UK uses codes NUK and N0  
  • Its US subsidiary Norse Atlantic USA uses codes NUS and N0

The IATA code N0 is used for all Norse Atlantic operations across the parent and subsidiaries. The ICAO codes differentiate between the main airline (NBO) and its UK (NUK) and US (NUS) subsidiaries in line with aviation regulations.

Before You Read Reviews

Before you read the reviews, it’s worth bearing in mind that air passengers are more likely to go to the trouble of posting a review if they didn’t enjoy the experience.  If they had a good experience and enjoyed the flight then they may simply tell others in conversation or simply let the memory fade.  We tend to complain too easily and find it harder to pay an airline a compliment. 

On the other hand, anger and frustration can galvanise people into writing letters of complaint or rushing to reviews site to leave negative reviews.  This means that there is a strong chance that there are more negative reviews than positive ones for an airline, which gives a skewed perspective. 

Complaining is easy, complimenting not so.

One study found that for every 10 positive reviews, there were 27 negative reviews. This study also found that negative reviews were more likely to be read and shared than positive reviews.

There are a few possible reasons why air passengers are more likely to publish negative reviews.

  • People are more likely to remember negative experiences than positive experiences. This is known as the negativity bias. When something goes wrong, it can be more memorable than when things go right.
  • People are more motivated to complain than to praise. When something goes wrong, people are more likely to feel the need to share their experience with others. This is a way of venting their frustration and getting some kind of closure.
  • Negative reviews are more likely to be seen by others. When people search for reviews of an airline, they are more likely to see negative reviews than positive reviews. This is because negative reviews are often more attention-grabbing and are more likely to be shared on social media.

Note that not all negative reviews are accurate descriptions of what actually happened. Some people may be more likely to exaggerate or fabricate negative experiences. 

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to use a particular airline, I would recommend reading both positive and negative reviews before you book your flight, but take negative reviews with a pinch of salt.  Use them to plan your trip more carefully as some of the frustrations may be due to the passenger’s own poor planning or failure to note the terms or prices at the time of booking.  

Direct flights from London

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Cape Town11 November 202419 November 2024Norse Atlantic UkTickets from GBP 521
Los Angeles23 October 20246 November 2024Norse Atlantic UkTickets from GBP 443
Miami1 September 20248 September 2024Norse Atlantic UkTickets from GBP 464
New York17 January 202531 January 2025Norse Atlantic UkTickets from GBP 341
Norse Atlantic Uk Reviews: Flight Experiences Aboard This Airline

Norse Atlantic UK Reviews – Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is a popular online platform that offers users the ability to explore and review various travel-related services, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and flights. It serves as a comprehensive travel guide, providing recommendations based on millions of reviews from travelers around the world. Users can read firsthand experiences, view photos, and even book accommodations or activities directly through the site.

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This first one comes from someone with the username zardozny, from New York:

My husband, daughter and I flew Norse to England. Note, they only seem to fly into Gatwick, which is farther from London than Heathrow. They are definitely “budget,” in that you have to “upgrade” if you want ANYTHING other than a seat on the plane. Note also that they are almost impossible to contact. There is NO phone number and so you must email your questions, if you have any.

I broke down and paid extra for seat assignments because they couldn’t guarantee that they would seat the three of us together, so rather than risk it 24 hours before check in, I went ahead and chose and paid ahead of time. I also paid for what they call a “cabin bag,” which is what you put in the overhead bin. The cabin bag cost me $135 and the three seats cost me $98 on top of the ticket price.

All you get when you buy the most basic lowest fare is a “personal item” that fits under the seat, but nothing else. They are as bare bones as you can get. I will say that although their flight attendants were nice, and the flight itself was smooth, the room between seats is less than what I was used to. The seat in front of me was quite close, in other words.

 And the anxiety about the flight leading up to it was very high for me because when you search the internet and even their own website, you find yourself quite confused about a lot of things and have no way to get answers to your questions other than emailing and waiting for them to vaguely reply. And at check in at JFK, it was a very stressful feeling, because they take very seriously, the size of your bag. They weigh and measure your personal items, and your “cabin bags,” so even if you thought you’ve done it right, you very well could have made a mistake.

We saw many people turned away when their bags didn’t fit in their contraption that measures sizes. One woman was sobbing, on the phone with a loved one, while trying to figure out how she was going to manage her bags after she was turned away. This, while standing in a line with Norse posters that read, “YOU CHOOSE!” “Customize to fit what YOU want.” Meaning, you really get NOTHING but a seat, and you must pay for every single thing a la carte, if you want anything more. I won’t be flying Norse again due to the stress level. If you’re traveling alone and want the bare bones, it’ll do. But be aware you will most likely have a lot of questions and difficulty finding answers.

Link to Review

The next one comes from someone with the username jimidrix5 , from Gainesville, Florida:

I flew Norse (economy class) from Ft. Lauderdale to Berlin round trip. I did not have any problems. You must realize that since they are a low cost carrier they will take bags seriously. I knew exactly what their maximum dimensions and bag weights were and consequently had zero problems. Some people did not pay attention and had to pay a lot of money at check-in. How much can you fault Norse for that, I don’t know. I knew that I would have to check a bag but that my bag would be lighter on the way out than on the way back (bringing back souvenirs). So I paid for a light checked bag on the way out and regular checked bag on the way back ($130 total). 

My total for a family of 4 to go from Florida to Berlin round trip with the checked bag included was $1,391. Regarding meals/drinks, the flight took off so late (after 11pm) that we had already eaten dinner so we weren’t so hungry, just ready to go to sleep. We bought drinks and snacks for a nominal amount on the flight. Both our flights were on time. The flight crews were very friendly. They had entertainment (I watched 5 movies on return flight) and charging ports. What else do you need?

The Dreamliner 787 design does help with the jet lag (we had a lot of jet lag on flight to Europe but none on way home). I wouldn’t hesitate to book with them again and am actually excited because they now are opening a route from Orlando to London Gatwick. Regarding reaching Norse customer support I just sent them questions on Facebook messenger and they responded pretty quickly.

Link to Review

Next we have one from ‘Wee Specky Git’ from Zurich, Switzerland:

The business model does not compute for Americans, which is why you see so many complaints about both European and American low cost carriers. Culturally the market hasn’t learned what to expect but if you do have an understanding of what to expect, it’s fine. That being said, if you travel light and opt for any extras normally included with other major brands such as Delta etc the ticket cost soon ramps up and is often more than said others.

And then there’s the aircraft, sure they are nice 787 Dreamliners but they are phoenixes from Norwegian and sat upon the apron at Prestwick Airport for several years when the airline went ‘tats up’. Some were stripped and had no engines, others were deemed uneconomic to get airworthy and some were sold off cheap…, guess where they are.

As an added bonus Spirit have now raised another issue with Boeing about production quality, the 787 Max has a non-conforming vertical stabiliser install issue going back many years and on the Dreamliner there were issues with messy workmanship. Not limited to tools being found inside the tail section, lots of swarf (metal debris) in critical areas and hey the list goes on.

In summary; low cost airline which often isn’t, dubious aircraft origin and maintenance whilst stored about a mile from the sea (salt air) for years, in an aircraft type with unanswered questions about the build quality. You should be fine. 😁

Link to Review

Norse Atlantic Uk Reviews: Logo

Norse Atlantic UK Reviews – Skytrax

Skytrax is a UK-based consultancy that runs an airline and airport review and ranking site. It’s renowned for its prestigious annual World Airline and Airport Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars of the aviation industry.” On the Skytrax website, travelers from around the world can share their flight and airport experiences in the form of reviews. These reviews cover various aspects, from seat comfort and in-flight entertainment to the quality of airport lounges and cleanliness.

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By reading through the experiences of others, travelers can set their expectations, avoid potential inconveniences, or even discover airlines and services they weren’t previously aware of. In essence, Skytrax provides a platform for shared experiences, helping to enhance the overall travel experience for its global community of users.

Note: All these reviews are from the Skytrax website. You can find a complete list using this link. Reviews are either verified or unverfied. You can read more about the difference here.

Unfortunately the airline is currently scored at 4/10 so it has some way to go if it’s to improve and win over some of these disgruntled passengers.

Review by C Hayne (United States) – 25th August 2023

  • Rating: 1/10
  • Route: Paris to New York
  • Review: “I took two separate red eye trips with Norse, first to London from NY and then again from Paris to NY. Both trips were disappointing… I will never fly with them again, nor will I recommend them to anyone I know. The “cheap” (non refundable) tickets are NOT worth the stress of traveling with this airline.”

Review by M Smith (United States) – 24th August 2023

  • Rating: 1/10
  • Route: Boston to London
  • Review: “Norse Atlantic Airways cancelled our flight… Outrageous business.”

Review by W Haseden (United States) – 22nd August 2023

  • Rating: 2/10
  • Route: Orlando to London Gatwick
  • Review: “We didn’t had many expectations while flying with a budget Airline (Norse), but still we got caught by many surprises… Bottom line is we get attracted by such airlines with the price we see at first click, but later if we add up the price of “add-ons” they ended up nearly at the same price as any leading Airlines with pathetic service.”

Review by S Dayle (United States) – 21st August 2023

  • Rating: 1/10
  • Route: Los Angeles to London Gatwick
  • Review: “This is the worst airline I’ve ever flown… Fly any other airline. The stress alone isn’t worth it.”

Review by Brienne Merritt (United States) – 20th August 2023

  • Rating: 3/10
  • Route: London Gatwick to Washington Dulles
  • Review: “Terrible! I have never waited so long in a line to get a boarding pass or check luggage!… I’m sure the airport must be angry with this airline as well.”

Review by Jonathan Osborne (United States) – 17th August 2023

  • Rating: 2/10
  • Route: London Gatwick to Washington
  • Review: “I am very disappointed, would not recommend, and would actually discourage others from using Norse Atlantic Airlines… We arrived early in an effort to eat dinner, work on the VAT recollection process, and shop duty free. Instead, none of that got done.”

Review by M Calenski (United States) – 14th August 2023

  • Rating: 2/10
  • Route: Oslo to New York
  • Review: “I used them twice, flight from NYC to London was ok… This is the worst customer service I’ve experienced.”

Review by Claire Adler (United States) – 13th August 2023

  • Rating: 1/10
  • Route: New York to London
  • Review: “By far the most obnoxious budget airline I’ve ever interacted with, and not even for budget prices… Will never fly again.”

Norse Atlantic Airways vs Virgin Atlantic Airways

Flying With Norse

Norse Atlantic Airways, often simply referred to as Norse Atlantic, is a new airline that has emerged as a significant player in the transatlantic airline market. Established as a low-cost carrier, Norse Atlantic aims to provide affordable long-haul flights, especially across the Atlantic. The airline has been compared to Norwegian Air Shuttle, a previous low-cost long-haul airline, and some see Norse Atlantic as a successor or spiritual continuation of Norwegian Air’s business model.

The airline Norse Atlantic Airways operates a fleet of modern aircraft, ensuring passengers have a comfortable experience onboard. Norse Atlantic’s routes primarily connect major European cities with popular destinations in North America. One of their notable routes is from London to New York, specifically from Gatwick to New York JFK. This route is particularly competitive, with other major airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic also offering flights on this popular transatlantic journey.

Baggage Limits

When considering baggage limits, Norse Atlantic offers a structure similar to other low-cost airlines. An economy ticket might come with restrictions on baggage, requiring passengers to pay extra for checked luggage or larger carry-ons. However, premium passengers, especially those in Norse Atlantic’s premium cabin, often enjoy more generous allowances.

Speaking of cabins, Norse Atlantic offers a range of seat types to cater to different budgets and preferences. The economy cabin is designed for travelers looking for the most affordable option, while the premium economy cabin offers more space and added amenities. For those looking for an even more luxurious experience, Norse Atlantic’s premium seats in their business class provide ample space, enhanced meal service, and other perks that make flying across the Atlantic a pleasure.

Discount Airline

A flight review of Norse Atlantic Airways often highlights the airline’s competitive pricing, especially when compared to traditional carriers. However, it’s essential to note that while Norse Atlantic operates as a low-cost airline, they don’t compromise on service quality, especially in their premium and economy cabins. The meal service, even on an economy ticket, is often praised in reviews, with premium economy passengers and business class travelers enjoying an even more enhanced dining experience onboard Norse flights.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Comparatively, Virgin Atlantic, a well-established airline operating out of London Gatwick, offers a different experience. While Norse Atlantic focuses on being a new low-cost, long-haul airline, Virgin Atlantic is known for its premium service, especially on transatlantic routes like Gatwick to New York JFK. Virgin’s premium economy cabin, known as Premium Classic, offers a level of service and comfort that many travelers appreciate, especially on long-haul flights. Their business class, often referred to as the Upper Class, is renowned for its luxury and top-tier service.

In conclusion, while both Norse Atlantic and Virgin Atlantic offer flights from London to New York, they cater to slightly different markets. Norse Atlantic, being a new budget airline, aims to provide affordable options for travelers, with the option to upgrade to a more comfortable experience with Norse Atlantic premium fares. On the other hand, Virgin Atlantic, with its long-standing reputation, provides a consistently premium experience, especially for those willing to invest in their Premium Classic or Upper Class cabins. For travelers, the choice between the two often comes down to budget, preference, and the kind of experience they’re looking for when flying across the Atlantic.

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