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Social Media Marketing for Aviation, GA and UA

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Social Media Marketing For Aviation

I had my first trial lesson in the early 1980s and went on to gain my PPL.  In 2013 I began exploring the emerging world of unmanned aviation and the use of drones for aerial photography.  The experience of both GA and UA puts me in a strong position help others reach their target market using social media marketing for aviation businesses.

Between 2014 and 2015 I built three websites, completed a course of training, and gained my PfAW from the CAA.  I then went on to complete some aerial photography work for several clients as well as make videos of my own.

I subsequently sold the UA business (Wessex Aerial Photography) to an existing aviation company, along with two UA websites, Copter Drones, and Drone UAV.

Social Media Marketing for Aviation

Social Media Marketing

, like Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click marketing, is simple enough to start, but you need to analyse results and adjust accordingly.

Just like navigation in the air, if you want to reach your target destination on time and having used as little fuel as possible you need to understand what the instruments are telling you, where and what to adjust, and when to make those adjustments.

You also need to understand your audience and to interact with them.  You’ve probably heard people say that it’s all about building relationships, not trying to sell things, and they are right.

For example, there’s little point in using Twitter just to send out the occasional tweet about a service or product you want to sell.  Account used in this way attract few followers and end up being ignored.  Worse, they can use up time and other resources, and they may lessen the impact of your brand.

How I can help

Your business needs the appropriate social media accounts for what it is you’re offering.  Those accounts need to be managed, monitored, and operated with a clearly defined marketing strategy in mind.

I can help you to define your business goals, formulate a plan, put it into action, check results, and adjust accordingly.

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat.  I’m sure there will be some way in which I can help you to fly on track and land safely where your new clients are waiting.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Management

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