Should We Use Social Media? Is It Right For Our Business?

Should we use Social Media? Is it right for our business?

The majority of new aviation businesses will at some point consider what presence they need to have online.  They will start with a website and then ask themselves the question should we use social media? Is it right for our business? The answer to this question will depend on several things.  There are plenty of aviation businesses…

Using Social Media To Promote Aerial Photography

Using Social Media to Promote Aerial Photography

Since the beginning of the current wave of interest and innovation in commercial drones and unmanned aviation people have been using social media to promote aerial photography.  It has always been the obvious way to show off your latest still images and video clips of a view that was previously denied to most of us….

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management

There are all kinds of tools designed to support the task of managing multiple social media accounts.  I have tested several but my favourite by far is Hootsuite.  The Hootsuite social media marketing management dashboard is feature rich, well supported, and includes some free introductory training. The Hootsuite dashboard scales according to your needs.  If you…