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Travel Influencers in 2021

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With the end of the pandemic in sight and air travel anticipated to increase, travel influencers are likely to be in greater demand in 2021.

In the final weeks of 2020 I reflected on the year and the progress made despite the events that caused so much pain and stagnation to many.  For people like me who work in IT working online and from home wasn’t such a great hardship.  

I’ve been feeding my YouTube channel for about four years now and the progress has been slow and steady at times, rather and great leaps and up-ticks.  So much so that it’s not until I look back that I realise how far I’ve come even if at times it felt that it wasn’t really going anywhere. The channel now has over 20,000 subscribers and my social media accounts are now leaner and more efficiently organised.

Aside from the growth that is proportional to the number of videos uploaded (provided that the quality of the content is maintained), there have been several developments on the influencer side of things.  I’m better equipped than ever before to be an influencer within the aviation industry (manned and unmanned), as well as being able to help others with their promotion and marketing. 

Becoming an Influencer

I didn’t set out to be an influencer and it seems I’ve fallen into that role naturally.  It’s another cap I wear among many.  I’ve turned videos into online courses and gained new followers in this way, which of course has expanded my audience and reach.  Ask anyone what they think an influencer is that they may talk vaguely about young women on Instagram showing off the clothes, cosmetics and accessories with which they’ve been provided for the purpose of increasing the brand’s reach.  

They may also mention the fact the travel influencers are another group that are in high demand, and when the pandemic eventually ends people will be eager to break free of the restrictions and enjoy packaged holidays and independent travel again or for the first time. They will be looking for advice about independent travel from influencers that have the relevant experience.  

Travel Influencers

As my aviation YouTube channel has grown I’ve been approached by individuals and businesses to create content that would promote their business or brand.  I’ve also uploaded videos about the devastating impact of lockdowns and other travel restrictions on the aviation industry.

Travel Influencers in demand

However, as I’ve pointed out in those videos,  despite all the setbacks aviation will return to strength.  Small island economies that depend on tourism for most of the income are naturally very keen to persuade the travelers to return as soon as possible.  In 2020 the government of Barbados introduced a 12 month visa scheme designed to induce foreigners to spend a year working from home in Barbados. It’s an idea that benefits the local businesses that gain new customers, the government that collects additional taxes, and the traveler who finds can work remotely in Barbados instead of being confined to the grey skies of the UK or elsewhere.

Travel Influencers In Demand
Work from home – in Barbados

But schemes like these are not widely known and sometimes it takes someone with the expertise on the subject to publicise them.   Earning a living abroad is the goal of many independent travelers who would not be content with a two-week holiday and who want to immerse themselves into the country and culture.  This is not a new idea but the methods change as societies and economies evolve and it’s travel influencers like Kamelia Britton who can provide us with tips and advice on how to earn while travelling.

As 2021 lies ahead like an open road one of my goals is to expand on the influencer side of things.  I intend to spend more time making videos, writing blog posts, and using social media and by doing so act as a conduit for businesses and brands within the wide spectrum of aviation and aerospace.  Perhaps this is something that may be of interest to you, in which case you can contact me here for more information.  

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