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Insulate Britain Campaign – Anger v Causes

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The Insulate Britain campaign seems to be far from over and it’s only the weather that may do more to prevent the road networks from being blocked than the police have done so far.

But why this method and why now?

Some years ago PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) made a statement that was so ridiculous that it generated a lot of publicity for them.  I can’t remember what it was but it was something like ‘milk is racist and here’s why’. 

It was such an unreasonable notion that it generated a strong reaction and they were asked to explain, which of course is exactly what they wanted.  

Putting forward outrageous ideas or performing stunts is a tried and tested method of getting airtime, of generating interest in your cause, and of provoking radio and television shows to invite you into the studio to explain your views.

The tabloid press has used sensationalism and catastrophism for years.  It survives and thrives by pressing the appropriate emotional buttons and thereby generating a response that draws the viewer back to the online newspaper that contains all the advertising.

Clickbait works often enough to make it worth the investment.

Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain

The people behind Extinction Rebellion and their latest subgroup Insulate Britain know that they don’t have to be liked, they just have to be in the news in order to get people talking about their agenda.

So making life miserable for thousands of drivers and passengers is, to them, a price worth paying given the amount of publicity it generates.  

  • Do they care about the individual stories of stress, anxiety, and in some cases despair among those stuck in the traffic queues?  Not in the least.  
  • Do they have any sympathy faced with your rage and your tears?  No.  
  • Does it matter that they are hypocrites living in uninsulated homes and travelling to their rally points in cars?  No.  

Such is their conviction that their cause is just that your pain is minor and temporary.  What really counts is persuading the government to act quickly on their demands.

The reaction of the police has simply added to the anger of those stuck in the queues. Their soft and accommodating response to these protests have not only angered the public but also the Home Secretary who has demanded swift action with the net result that there’s little action and none of it swift.

Should any of the exasperated drivers resort to physical violence (as opposed to dragging them out of the way) then the protesters know that they will be able to play the victim card, adding to the publicity and generating at least some sympathy.

The Insulate Britain Campaign - An Offshoot Of Extinction Rebellion
What Are The Police Doing Here?

The Insulate Britain Campaign

But what do they really want? What are the goals of the Insulate Britain campaign?

I’m deeply suspicious of the motives of these groups. I saw first hand as a teenager and young adult how every noble cause attracts those who use it as a platform for their real agenda.

During the 1970s and early 1980s I attended many demonstrations, rallies, and benefit gigs.  The themes included:

  • Environmentalism – Save The Whales, Greenpeace
  • Anti-Nuclear – ‘Nuclear Power, No Thanks’, Torness
  • Nuclear Disarmament – CND, Greenham Common
  • Human Rights – Amnesty International, Nelson Mandela
  • Anti-Racism – Anti-Nazi League, Rock Against Racism

A Nuclear Disarmament Protest in the early 1980s

A great many of these events attracted members of the far left who seem to view them as a recruitment opportunity.  The Socialist Workers Party (who actually started the Anti-Nazi League), the Marxists, Trotskyists, and Communists would all turn up and pass out leaflets while the Anarchists seemed interested only in creating mayhem.

The far left has a long history of being present during demonstrations of this type and it’s this strong left wing flavour that is at the root of the sanctimonious attitude among left wingers today.  Left wing good, right wing bad is the prevalent mood.  Look at the hysteria that Trump generated in the USA.

BLM (Black Lives Matter) is another example of a cause that is rooted in far left thinking.  The original BLM website has been altered but it used to contain a page in the form of a mission statement that was very clear about its objectives.  The Marxist philosophy at the core of the movement is there for all to see, if you can be bothered to do a little research.

The far left has always allied itself to the noble causes of the day because that’s where impressionable young people hang out.  It’s fertile territory for recruiting foot soldiers for the cause.  

What do Extinction Rebellion really want?

To answer that question here’s a post by one of their founding members. I urge you to read it because it’s straight from the horse’s mouth: Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate.

As you can see, it’s not about the climate. It’s more about the rebellion.

It’s another vision is one in which capitalism is shackled and tamed.  It’s the same old wishful thinking for a socialist utopia despite the fact that in the past five decades we’ve seen countless examples of countries that have tried socialism only to ruin their economies and make their populations suffer.

Far from ending human suffering it has caused it. Meanwhile the populations of developing countries have grasped every opportunity where a free market has presented itself using intiative and enterprise to better themselves economically.

By all means clean up the planet, reduce and end pollution, build efficient houses, towns, and cities using sustainable materials.  Let’s harness energy from the sun, wind, tides, and the earth itself, but build a few nuclear power stations too, and don’t imagine for one minute that people are going to relinquish their minds and views to align with your own.

Diversity of thought is sacrosanct.  It’s what makes life interesting.

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