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Jasper – The Best AI Tool For Content Writing

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What’s the best AI tool for content writing?  I’m going to answer that question from the point of view of affiliate marketing.

Are you struggling to create enough content for your affiliate marketing idea?  What’s the most important tool you need to have if you’re to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing has been around for years and there are those for whom it is their main source of income while others use it to support their income made elsewhere.

Affiliate marketing is one of those money making methods that has low start up costs and which can be scaled according to the time and energy available. 

Then there are many more people who try affiliate marketing and fail.  They start out with the dream of creating a source of passive income only to find, months later, that they’ve earned only a fraction of what they’ve spent.

It’s very easy to spend a few hundred dollars each month on subscriptions to tools that you think you need only to find that you’re only earning a few dollars in income from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Spending $297 on subscriptions each month when your affiliate sales are only $27 per month is a recipe for failure and despondency.  You need to prioritize and I’m about to explain why there’s only one tool you need at the start.  

I have also tried and failed in some areas but I’ve enjoyed some success in affiliate marketing too, and I’d like to share with you some tips that will help you to save time and money.

I’m not going to describe what affiliate marketing is in this post.  Presumably you’re here because you already know the basics.  If not, here’s a beginner’s guide. For now though, you just want to know how to be successful at it.

Let’s break it down into the two main areas that are the key to success and the reason why so many people fail at affiliate marketing.

What’s your affiliate marketing niche subject?

First, there is the niche.  

You’ll often hear people say that you should choose a niche that interests you, or better still, that is something you’re passionate about.  That’s all very well but if your main interest is something that doesn’t attract people looking for products and services related to your niche then you’re not going to generate many affiliate sales.  

You might succeed in attracting traffic but if the site visitors are looking for information only and are not on the verge of buying something then the revenue will be minimal.  You might be able to generate some Adsense income but that’s about it.

The other option is to choose a niche that is popular throughout the year, that has medium to low competition, and which contains plenty of products and services to promote.  This is a much better idea but it comes with one big drawback which is the fact that you’re going to have to somehow create tens of thousands of words of copy about this subject, and if it’s not one that interests you then that’s going to be hard.

How do you create the content?

The second biggest obstacle to success in affiliate marketing is content generation.  Many people start out by creating a website, adding 30 or so posts that they’ve written themselves, optimizing it all for the search engines, share the posts in social media, and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Only it doesn’t happen, so they write more posts and repeat the process.  Months later, after many hours spent writing articles and diligently completing the SEO work their reward is just one or two sales or none at all.

If they can’t write the content themselves they may outsource the task to a content writing service, but of course that incurs more expenditure.  Paying for content isn’t cheap and you need a lot of traffic to a site to generate affiliate income that will cover the cost of having the content produced for you.

The sales they generate might be all the encouragement they need to keep going but on the other hand many will simply admit defeat, abandon their websites, and start looking for another side-hustle, some other way to make some money online.  

Best AI Tool For Content Writing

What if I told you that there’s one tool that will not only drastically reduce the amount of time you spend writing your first batch of content but will help you to maintain the momentum, to keep creating copy, and lead you to affiliate marketing success?

That tool is Jasper.  Jasper is one of a new breed of tools that uses AI to generate content.  

Now, if you’re not familiar with this idea, stick with me.  We’re not talking about a one-click push-button tool that churns out sub standard content or which plagiarises the output of others.  

Think of Jasper as a writing partner.  

Imagine that you’re sitting at your desk, staring out of the window or wasting time checking social media, waiting for the inspiration to get on with that 1,500 blog post you know you have to write.

Jasper is the tool that will focus your attention and get you started.  It’s an AI tool that unblocks writer’s block and writes paragraphs for you which you can then edit and rearrange to create the article.  

Jasper solves both of these problems that I described above.

Jasper doesn’t care about the niche. He’ll write about anything with a consistent level of enthusiasm.  Jasper has read over 10% of the entire world wide web so he can write about niches that interest you and those you find dull.

My advice to anyone thinking of trying affiliate marketing or who has already started and is thinking of giving up, try Jasper .

When you’re starting out you don’t need SEO tools and keyword research tools.  Yes, they work and they’re very useful but if you don’t already have the income to cover the cost of these subscriptions then you’ll have to wait until you can afford them.

The one thing you do need when you’re starting out or your affiliate income is low is content.  You need to consistently produce content that is of sufficient quality that it will attract organic traffic.  

Jasper is a powerful tool and you need to apply some study and practice to get the best of him.  This is a partnership and your end of the bargain is to learn how to use Jarvis to his full potential.  You can’t blame him for not producing if you don’t give him clear instructions. So make sure you work through the bootcamp.

Get Started With Jasper

  1. Take out a trial subscription to Jasper. It’s just $29 per month for the starter package and $59 pm for ‘Boss Mode’.
  2. Go through the bootcamp
  3. Generate your first few articles

I’m confident that if you go through those three steps you’ll be impressed with the results and enthused by the potential.  

You’ll feel your enthusiasm for affiliate marketing renewed and you’ll suddenly realise that with Jasper’s help you too can at last look forward to some passive income from affiliate marketing. 

That’s what I found and that’s why I’m now producing more content for several of my sites as well as for clients.  

Once your fresh articles have borne fruit you can re-invest that income into the SEO and keyword research tools of your choice.  

Best Ai Tool For Content Writing
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